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Secret Lures

Secret Lures Company Information
Secret Lures has dedicated countless hours of design and testing to bring you Chubby, the ultimate swim frog. Our goal at Secret Lures was to create a tournament grade frog, with design elements that increase angler success. The bait was designed around the concept of hooking bass, not just getting strikes. Our custom colors will produce explosive fishing action in a wide range of conditions. Keep checking back with us, as we’ve got more secrets coming!

On days when the frog bite is "on" we recommend the full color frogs, since they offer the largest profile for the fish to attack. These full color versions also excel in heavy vegetation and stained water, where visibility is reduced. On those tougher days when the fish are just nipping at the frog, we recommend any of the CLEAR LEG colors. With these Secret Lures originals, those short strikes are now directed right at your hook…so now you’ll hook the most subtle of bites.

Try a pack of the Chubby CLs and you'll be amazed at how your catch rate improves on those tough days...these frogs are "Clearly Better" when the going gets tough. You’ll also notice with clear legs, the Chubby has a baitfish profile. This unique shape, and baitfish colors, open up tons of new options for fishing the Chubby. You don’t have to have grass around to get bit, throw it anywhere you’d fish a buzzbait or swimbait.

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