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Dirty Jigs

Dirty Jigs Company Information
At Dirty Jigs Tackle our goal is to make quality custom baits that won't empty your bank account. We strive to produce baits that will work in any situation under any conditions. We achieve this by offering as many colors, jig weights, and hook size options as possible. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are anything like us it means everything. Our wide array of proven color combinations allows you to match any situation you may encounter on the water with the perfect color. We also allow you the option of selecting different hook sizes on many of our jigs. This means that you are able to custom fit your jigs to the soft plastics you like to use. We also offer our jigs in as many different weights as possible, most are available in 1/16oz. weight increments. This will allow you to achieve the perfect rate of fall and feel of bottom structure for your application.

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