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Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon Company Information
Spinnerbaits are among the most effective fishing lures in an angler’s tacklebox. Since their inception 50 years ago, fishermen learned it pays to carry a wide assortment of specialized spinnerbaits to be ready for any situation. Secret Weapon took that great lure and made it even better. Secret Weapon’s patented, no-tool, quick-change universal spinner blade attachments and complementary spinnerbait design improvements make today’s in-line spinners and first generation conventional safety-pin spinnerbaits virtually obsolete. This is revolutionizing spinnerbait fishing. How? As simple as 1, 2, and 3:

1. Secret Weapon precision-crafted spinnerbaits successfully combine the all-species catching qualities of in-line spinner lures with the weed- and snag-resistant qualities of the safety-pin spinnerbait. Secret Weapon attracts more bass, musky, northern pike, redfish and other predatory fresh- and saltwater species because it moves and sounds different in the water from existing products.

2. Secret Weapon spinnerbaits hook and land more fish because they are constructed differently. The first thing you notice is… no swivel! Free-floating, in-line blades improve tracking and reduce rollover on rapid retrieves. Blade attachments clear the hook point on strikes, unlike the frame and blades of first-generation spinnerbaits that actually interfere with hook-ups.

Secret Weapon’s beautiful, powder-coated, chip-resistant minnow-profile heads slip easily through vegetation and brush, and they can be dislodged from riprap much better than cone-shaped or rounded heads. Ultra-tough, razor-sharp hooks, heavy-gauge stainless steel wire frames, and top-quality silicone skirts hold up well fish after fish, season after season.

On the drop Secret Weapon spinnerbaits remain horizontal, and not just one but all blades helicopter freely. The angles and length of the stainless wire frame produce more solid hookups and improve casting accuracy and distance.

3. Secret Weapon spinnerbaits offer unparalleled versatility and value over anything else currently available. The universal “Quick-Clip” blade attachments create worlds of versatility and flexibility in lure presentation never before achieved in spinnerbait fishing. A few spinnerbait bodies and a handful of blades replace many heavy tackleboxes of conventional spinnerbaits.

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