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Sunline Company Information
We at Sunline have been wholly dedicated to the development of quality fishing line products since our founding in 1977. Amid the progress of technology we've held steadfast to the belief that the user's viewpoint offers the purest perspective on success. For us it's never a cut-and-dry business based on mass production and distribution. Instead, we seek to fulfill the needs and desires of people who love fishing as a hobby and a sport. They're the ones who have helped us on our way from the tiniest tributary to the mainstream world of fishing.

Sunline is constantly involved in the creation of products that satisfy user needs, so that more and more people can experience the joys fishing provides. At the same time we're acutely aware of the current environmental issues. And we, like you, are equally dedicated to restoring the rivers, lakes and streams that the nature has so richly bestowed on us.

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