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Johnson Lures

Johnson Lures Company Information
Field & Stream Magazine, when looking at the past 80 years of fishing, recognized the Johnson Silver Minnow as one of the top 10 lures ever created. Such a testimonial gives credence to the world's anglers who already knew they could catch more fish with a Silver Minnow.

For years available in the popular polished silver or gold, Johnson adds a new look this year with new screen-print colors, all hand finished. Colors include rainbow, fire tiger flash, chartreuse flash, red flash and red shad gold. There's even a 3-D eye added, giving the bait yet another fish attracting dimension.

These new Silver Minnows fish just like the originals with the patented 35-degree wobble that fish can't pass up. Hooks are hand soldered and the no-twist eye eliminates line problems.

Silver Minnows cast a mile and the weedless design skips over and past surface clutter without hesitation. Silver Minnows can be a surface lure during one cast, become a jig the next and twitched along the bottom after that. Whether casting or trolling, the Silver Minnow catches anything that swims. Silver Minnows can be fished straight from the package or spiced up with a Berkley® Power Bait® Split Tail Spinner Trailer or Bungee™ Twin Tail Grub.

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