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Fins Company Information
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Erlanger, KY, FINS™ produces high-quality superlines for freshwater and saltwater applications. A recognized expert in manufacturing composite materials, FINS combines that technology with angling to produce the best fishing lines available on the market.

FINS is responsible for several industry- leading technical innovations in these areas, including Polymer Reinforced Technology™ (PRT), the industry's only low- heat line resin curing process, and a colorfast treatment for adding permanent color to Spectra® fibers.

The ultimate result of these proprietary innovations is FINS PRT Braid™. Impregnated with urethane-base resin, FINS PRT Braid is designed to provide anglers with the strongest and toughest superline. The IGFA PRT Braid Superline is the world's only superline that is designed to meet International Game Fish Association (IGF A) line class specifications.

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