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V&M Company Information
COMPARE We Dare You! That's Right. We challenge any fisherman to find a competitor's bait that can compare with our bait in quality and color.

Here's what to look for:

SMOOTH LINES AND CLEAN EDGES: Our state-of-the-art injection processes produce clean edges on virtually every V&M product, but we're not completely perfect. That's where our quality control takes over. Every V&M bag is hand-packed by our trained staff. Any bait that does not meet our stringent quality control requirements is culled. Our philosophy is that nature does not produce creatures with ragged edges and neither do we. We know from experience that any extra material left on the product greatly affects the action of the bait when it gets in water. Smooth lines and clean edges ensure that V&M baits are as close to the real thing as possible and that fishermen get the right action on every bait, every time.

COLOR: Do the colors look right? are they bright or dark where they should be, and do they flow together like they should? we produce colors that are as close to nature as possible. Why? Because fish aren't blind. If we can see that a color is not quite right, then so can the fish. Any company's design team can spend hours coming up with color combinations but in the end it all comes down to production capabilities, and we have the best in the industry. We use only the highest grade plastics to produce V&M baits ensuring that the colors are bright and life-like. Our injection process produces true two-tones, not dipped colors which bleed and run. In the end, fishermen and fish see the same thing, and it makes the difference between a successful day on the lake and a day of wondering what went wrong.

ATTRACTANTS: OK, sure they smell, but once again it's simple: non only are fish not blind, but they can smell and taste, too. Early on we discovered that Pork Fat cooked into every V&M bait not only attracted fish but made them hang onto our baits longer. The process of actually cooking the pork fat and other ingredients in the bait means that fishermen are assured that they are getting the right amount of attractant on every bait, plus there's none of this spraying or squirting in. Fishermen go fishing to fish, not spend their day treating bait with an attractant that eventually washes off anyway.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, now go ahead and take our challenge. Compare any V&M bait to our competitor, and we know you'll see why V&M has become the leader in soft plastic bait designs and production.

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