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Quantum Company Information
Quantum® Performance Tuned™ products are a direct result of off-hours and weekends spent secretly transforming stock products into tricked-out, souped-up ultimate fishing machines. Rearranging, gutting, shifting, super-tuning every detail to get that last degree of performance out of every single part. Whether it's finding the perfect alloy for the bearings or adding holes to the baitcast spool, there is not a trick of the trade that won't be used to get two-percent more here. Five-percent more there.

Until recently no one had ever seen these super-modified reels. They were stashed away for private use, unknown to everyone except the engineers. All of their best work was just sitting in the backroom waiting for the weekend. Or the next adjustment.

We thought it was time to show the rest of the fishing world the details that keep our engineers awake at night. We know there are other fishermen, besides professionals and engineers, who would want an ultimate fishing tool of their own. But to the average fisherman, subtle performance differences aren't worth the cost. That's why this limited selection of Performance Tuned products are designed for serious fishermen. Fishermen who know that the little extra edge, the added sensitivity and a few more feet of casting is the difference between good and best.

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