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Y-Knot Charters

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1197 Drake Rd.
Brockport, New York 14420
Phone: 585 370-8422

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Imagine…It’s morning and the sun is about to rise. A warm light breeze alerts you to the smells and sounds of nature as a new day is born. The sounds of twin inboards carving through the water, the feeling of the hull pushing against Lake Ontario and the coming excitement and lingering images of tight lines and huge Trout and Salmon at the other end add to your expectations. We slow down and begin to set the lines. You settle in for a great day of fishing and then you hear those venerable words: “FISH ON!” The sun begins to rise and another grand day of Lake Ontario fishing is at hand. Welcome to Y-Knot Charters 2004. In business since 1987, Captain Tom Baybutt and his expertise are here to make your trip as safe, pleasant and enjoyable as possible. With the latest in electronics and fish catching equipment I’ll get you to the fish and back again. With over 25 years fishing experience on and around the Great Lakes I aim to please you and provide you the best and most enjoyable experience possible. Fishing April in the spring will deliver a mixed bag of Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Steelhead Trout and Rainbow Trout. The occasional Coho Salmon (Silver), Atlantic Salmon and Chinook Salmon (King) will also grace your line. Typically we will not go much deeper than 30’ with much of the fishing coming 10’ or less. It can be cold but the rewards can be significant in the number of fish caught In May you can expect to fish in water from 40’ to 250’ in depth and you will catch more of the Steelhead and Rainbow Trout along with the three Salmon species that enhance our Lake. We will fish a mix of Planer Boards (using stick baits such as Rapala’s, Bomber’s and Thunderstick’s) and Downrigging methods including Dipsey Diver techniques, which require Pirate and Northern King Spoons. As the Lake warms we need to move out ever deeper as the Thermocline sets up and the warmer surface water reaches away from the shoreline. In June we will be fishing farther out to 250’ to 600’ feet of water for Steelhead and King Salmon. Although sometimes we will still fish in rather shallow depending upon what direction the wind has set up from. Such as when a North wind pushes the warmer water back in towards the shore. The same techniques as are used in the month of May will be employed for fish catching production. July and August will continue with Trophy Steelhead fishing and BIG King Salmon offshore and inshore respectively with 30 to 40 lbs. fish being common. September will be almost entirely King Salmon with some real nice trophy Steelhead, Browns and Coho’s mixed in. We begin and end the season using cut bait techniques intermixed with spoons, dodgers and flashers. Y-Knot Charters provides the boat Northern King (a 31 foot Baha hardtop SportFisherman with twin 351 inboards), radar, outriggers, 4 downriggers, planer boards, reels, rods, lines, terminal tackle, lures and the ice. We also provide US Coast Guard approved safety features such as Type I life preservers with whistles and lights, a marine VHF radio w/ antenna, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite receiver), Speed and temperature at the surface and Downriggers) and dual depth meters (Sonar). You can drive “right up to the boat” and park nearby. We are located ay Lake Breeze Marina on the Oak Orchard River at Point Breeze.
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Location Within the State:
Rates: $55 per hour. 5 hour minimum. 4 persons. Additional $75 for each person over 4 up to 6 total.
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Nearest Fishing: Lake Ontario
What they fish: Chinook Salmon
Boat Name: Northern King
Marina Name: Lake Breeze Marina
Capt. Name: Captain Tom Baybutt
Insured? Yes
Licensed? Yes - License #: USCG licensed
Directions: Pt. Breeze, NY on the Oak Orchard River.
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