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Art Of Fishing Guide Service

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22832 Lake Dr.
Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 48066
Phone: 586 997-7702

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Smallmouth bass fishing on the Great Lakes is no doubt the best bass fishing in this Country. They thrive in every Great lake with quantity and quality being the backbone to an incredible resource!

Lake St. Clair is a 540 square mile body of water that connects Lake Huron by means of the St. Clair river. It exits the lake through the Detroit river which flows into Lake Erie. This small Great lake is much shallower than the other lakes. It's average depth is something like 11 feet with the deepest areas only reaching depths of 25 feet. There is a channel dug through the lake for the ships and barges to transport through which averages about 25-30 feet which has a natural current flow coming from Lake Huron to Lake Erie. This current flow in the lake is a major factor in the great smallmouth fishery.

The smallmouth congregate around the current and eddies throughout the system. Depth does not matter to the fish as long as there is forage available. I have caught smallies in 2 feet of water in August! The important factor is the forage. The bass will feed on many types of baitfish, crawfish and parasites available. Another major food source is the yellow perch. Keeping this in mind, I almost always throw moving lures that resemble a perch color (chartreuse, yellow, green or white). On bottom bouncing baits, I will either throw pearl/white colors to resemble injured baitfish or greens, blues or brown/orange to match crawfish colors.

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Rates: 4 hours-$200.00
6 hours-$250.00
8 hours-$350.00
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Nearest Fishing: Lake St. Clair
What they fish: Smallmouth Bass
Boat Name:  
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Capt. Name: Art Ferguson
Insured? Yes
Licensed? Yes
Directions: Southeast Michigan near Detroit.
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