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Wave Worms

Wave Worms Wave Worms
By Jim Reaneau

This months article will cover a new lure that has hit Lake Fork by storm. The WAVE Worms. A local BASS contender and Fishing Guide helped to designed this great new lure. With finesse fishing becoming more popular with the fisherman this new bait will cover all of your needs. The EGO is a soft plastic 5 inch bait that can be fished wacky, weightless, Carolina, or Texas rigged. This bait is one of the best dead sticking baits out to day. The heavy scent is sure to attract that “HOG” of a life time. The Baby EGO can be fished on a drop shot. The Chubby Grub Carolina rigged or fished on a jig head will be a good sight fishing bait during the spring. The most versatile is the Tiki Lizard, Texas, Carolina, or weightless this lizard has some of the best action out there today. The bait has the bulk and action to attract that hog of your dreams.

The color selection will cover all water conditions.

When rigging the Five inch EGO you need a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook .When the fish are not aggressive, fish the bait weightless Texas rigged. Throw the bait out and let it sit then slowly pull the bait on short movements of the rod tip. When the fish are aggressive cast out and stop and go jerks will draw strikes. Cast into the matted grass and pull the bait over the surface with a stop and go retrieve and hold on as the fish will blow right out of the matt to get your bait. You can use the same hook and fish the EGO wacky style, cast it out and with slow jerks and pauses of the rod tip, watch for any side ways movement or twitch in the line and set the hook.. The Tiki lizard Fished on a Texas rig or Carolina you will need a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook. This lizard can be fished weightless over the matted grass and around lily pads. Try dipping the tail into some chartreuse dip and dye and look out. The Chubby grub is a full three inch bait that on a jig head fished out on humps and road beds can be deadly. If you like sight fishing in the spring this grub will fill your needs to catch that fish of a life time. This bait can be used on a drop shot also. The Baby Ego is another good drop shot bait. Don’t forget the split shot rig with this bait on light line. Spinning gear with 8 to 10 pound line with a 1/0 hook and a 1/32 weight fished around bridge aprons can fill your tournament limit.

Wave Industries is located on Lake Fork, most area business and marinas are carrying the baits. Email me if you are having trouble finding them. We are working on our web site look for Wave soon.

Get Your EGO and Lets Go Fishing.

Lake Fork Guide
Jim Reaneau

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