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Dear Santa

Dear Santa Dear Santa
By Dave Adams

Dear Santa, Except for that broken window at Aunt Martha`s last summer, I`ve been a good boy. To help you, I kept my Christmas list simple. Last summer some of my friends went fishing and it sounded like fun. This year I would like to try fishing, but I not sure what I need to get started. So my best friend, Vinnie made this list for me. I'm not sure it's right, though: he added the prices for everything. Vinnie says even the elves have to shop for some things. Personally, I think he doesn't believe in you any more. But I do.

Here is my list: Fishing pole: Whether fishing for trout, bass, catfish or carp on one of our local rivers or lakes, all I need is a six foot medium action spinning pole. Or even better yet, a Shimano spinning combo (it includes the spinning reel) for about $34.99. Fishing line: Vinnie says this is very important. If I catch that record fish, I don`t want the line to break. He says get Berkley Trilene XT in 8-pound test. Also, I need at least a 250 yard spool. Most sporting stores have this line for around $6.49.

Hooks: Vinnie says I could use a safety pin, but I think he just read Huck Finn and is fibbing. Uncle Bob says Eagle Claw is the best. All sporting goods stores have a whole bunch of them - I looked - and they're cheap, $2.99. I`ll need size 8 for trout and size 4 for just about everything else.

Sinkers: Again, Vinnie corrected me. He says I`ll need weights, not sinkers - either slip or spilt shot. He says ask for an assortment of slip weights between ΒΌ ounce and 1 ounce. Also, a bunch of spilt shot. Tackle Box: I'm not fashion conscious about color like my sister, Sarah - any color will do. I like the Plano two sided tackle box. Dick`s also has these for $12.99. A few extras for the stocking: "What are you going to do if you catch a fish," says know it all, Vinnie. "Put it in your pocket? Ask for a stringer to hold the fish. He also says I might need a few floats (bobbers), swivels, Berkley Power Bait, nail clippers (to cut line), or a gift certificate to buy something I might have forgot (But I might need for my first fishing trip.). Yours truly, The boy next door, Jed (who never fished before). PS: Even though you and I both know, we won't tell Aunt Martha that I was the one who threw the baseball though the living room window and into her fish tank. She still thinks it was Vinnie.

And, oh yeah, I`ll need someone to take me. Are you or Mrs. Claus free this spring? * If you're wondering what to buy for Christmas, $60.45 will get a child - or an adult - all the basics to start fishing. It can be enjoyed year-round, provides outdoor recreation, requires no batteries, and unlike video games, it requires no rating system. In addition, fishing is the one sport that has no age, physical ability, or gender barrier.

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