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Fishing Shallow Water in the Winter

Fishing Shallow Water in the Winter Fishing Shallow Water in the Winter
By Jim Reaneau

This article will cover shallow water fishing in the winter and early spring. Most people in the winter are still fishing deep. Me included. I am a deep structure fisherman. It is hard for me to think shallow until the spring and even then I keep looking out to the deep water. There are many fish that never move from the shallow water. There are lakes where you never fish over ten foot of water all year long. The bass are cold blooded and can take some extreme temperatures. They may not stay on the bank if a cold snap comes in and drops the water temperature. They will move out to a better comfort zone and stage till the shallow warms back up. Many tournaments have been won fishing on the bank in very shallow water in the winter.

Tackle can vary from lake to lake but suspending baits, soft jerk baits, jigs, spinner baits, all can produce in the winter months. Look for deep water close to shallow in the back of creeks. Work lay down logs, stumps, grass lines. Boat docks with brush can harbor fish. You will have to cover plenty of water but work it thoroughly. When you come in contact with a fish look at the structure you caught the fish from and look for more like it. Work this area good before leaving as there maybe more fish present. Don't be surprised to find fish stacked on a shore line in some of the coldest temperatures. The wind blowing into a shore line can warm up that water a couple of degrees and hold the fish. You may not find them in the same place two days in a row especially if the weather changes. As the water warms the fish will get more plentiful but don't over look shallow bass in the winter. I have been fishing all my life and the one thing that I have learned is don't under estimate fish. They will do some of the strangest things at some of the strangest times.

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