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Fishing Lake George

Fishing Lake George Fishing Lake George
By Captain Ray Kelly

This past October, I had the pleasure of fishing with a father who has his son involved in fishing, which is great to see in today's society, when parents are often so busy working two jobs or at least both working. Children today sometimes lack quality time with their parents so it's nice to see a father taking the time to go fishing with his son.

The father and son are Ted Goutos and his five year son, Timmy. Ted and his wife, Mary own the Treasure Cove Resort Motel, located right on Lake George in Bolton Landing, NY. The resort is beautiful and comprised of motel units, effeciencies and cottages, all overlooking the lake. It is truly an angling and vacation paradise.

Ted also owns Ted's Charter Fishing Service and runs three charter boats (a 28' Baha Cruiser and two 25' Penn Yenn's) from the resort and let me tell you, the fishing is fantastic. An angler can also rent small skiffs from Ted if they want to try it on their own.

On this particular adventure, we were filming Ted and his son for our television show, ADVENTURES IN FISHING WITH CAPT. RAY KELLY, to show how great the fishing is on Lake George. We always want to encourage parents and adults to take children with them when they go fishing, and this was a good opportunity to do so.

We would be fishing with Capt. Jeff Russell, the best captain of the fleet. Capt. Jeff explained that when fishing Lake George, downriggers are the order of the day. We were targeting suspended Lake Trout, and the downriggers had to be used to get the lures down to the fish. The baits were small shiny fish-shaped lures. Jeff explained they use a variety of different colored lures as well.

Jeff pointed out on the color recorder that the fish were suspended at different depths. He adjusted the downriggers accordingly and started trolling, using Sea Anchors to slow the speed down to about 3 knots.

It didn't take long for the action to start. Within five minutes the right downrigger was hit and the rod was given to Timmy to battle the fish. You could see the fish was giving Timmy some fight but he continued to reel and eventually landed his prize - a nice five pound Lake Trout. Timmy and his Dad were really happy. These are memories that they will both remember for a lifetime.

Within minutes, another dowrigger was hit and Nicholas fought the fish like a professional. No sooner had Timmy landed this fish when Ted was hooked up and landed another one. The fish were all in the 5-7 pound range. My camaraman, Dennis Hunt and I took turns on the camara to record the action - which was one fish right after another. At times there were doubles and triples on the lines! At one point, there were even four fish on the lines and Capt. Jeff had to try and reel one in, himself! Unfortunately, his got off but Ted, Timmy and Dennis landed their fish. Another great show was being filmed.

I had never fished Lake George before but had heard many stories about it. You always wonder if those stories are merely "fish tales", but I now know they're true about this lake.

Ted and Timmy could only stay out until 11:00 am, but just before we headed back, Timmy landed the biggest fish of the morning. It was a 10-12 pound Lakeer - a beautiful fish. It (as well as all the others) was released, Capt. Jeff and Ted practise catch and release and encourage all their charters to do the same, which is one of the main reasons for this non-stop action on the lake.

Although Dennis and I had also managed to land some fish, we went back out in the afternoon with Capt. Jeff and Bryan Mott, one of the other charter boat guides. This time we caught a couple more with smallmouth bass thrown in. We had a great day.

The next morning, Dennis, and myself were taken out by Ted to target coho salmon. Needless to say, it didn't take long before all three of us had taken turns battling salmon (with a few bass mixed in). Again, the camera was rolling and recording the action. We filmed so many fish on this adventure that it'll be a very difficult task to edit the footage for the television show.

I must say though, it was one of the best fishing experiences of my life. Capt. Jeff Russell, Ted Goutos and Bryan Mott are truly some of the best captains that I have had the opportunity to meet and fish with. The fishing is truly amazing in Lake George. And if you want to experience this same type of fishing, give Ted Goutos a call at the TREASURE COVE RESORT at (518) 668-5334 or call ADVENTURES IN FISHING at (516) 929-6711 and we will make the arrangements for you

And remember- "Let's get kids hooked on Fishing...NOT on drugs!"

Visit Capt. Ray at his website or drop him a line at [email protected]

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