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Fine Tuning Points

Fine Tuning Points Fine Tuning Points
By Jim Reaneau

Points are written into almost every fishing report or article. Ask a pro about fishing points and he will tell you they are in his mind at every tournament.

Almost all game fish will relate to a point at one time or another. White bass to Large mouth. There are many points to look at. The subtle sloping to the quick drop off and the under water points. The long sloping points with lots of shallow water are good areas to Carolina rig, Crank bait, spinner bait, and buzz bait. When the wind blows this point is a good starting place in the mornings. Fan cast one of the above mentioned baits and change baits till you find what they want. Start out on the deep water over the point and work your way in till you come in contact with the fish. Cast toward the shore line then cast across the ends of the points. The sharp drop off point with deep water close by is a great gathering area for bass. This point stands up on the shore line and a creek runs close by. Big crank baits and spinner baits are killer on this area. These points will hold fish almost all the time. Carolina rigs worked around the ends of the point or fan casting across the main area. Work the point from different directions. This is a key to catching fish on points.

There are many points under the water that don’t stick up where you can see them. This point will be found on your topo maps and with your electronics. These are out in the lake and get little pressure. Everyone wants to fish visual able structure. There are points off old creek channels and river channels. Study your map and then go out and look for the point. These points will hold fish just like points above the water. Once you have found and underwater point run over it with your electronics and look for fish. Food for thought. When fish start to move back to spawn they start staging on points and will follow the same route back out.

Usually your secondary points are a good place to look when the spawn starts and ends. This point is the first point sticking out after a main lake point. Vision the mouth of a creek and there are two points at it’s start, one on either side. Then the next point will be a secondary point. It doesn’t take much to make a point just a little bump sticking out into the water can be a point. They don’t have to be sharp on the ends. They can be round but bulge out into the lake. This is still a point. Again, work the point starting out deep then move in. If you start shallow you may spook the fish. As the sun comes up you may find the fish have moved out to the deeper part of the point.

After fishing a point remember where you came in contact with the fish and what time this happened and then you can come back to this area at that time and possible catch fish again. The other thing is look at this point and look for another one just like it to possible add another area to your fishing day. Fish will move up and down points and that is why you may want to check them several times a day. If the point has grass, timber, or rock all the better to hold fish. BUT! I have had points with nothing on it hold a good number of fish. Usually these points are better morning or evening spots. Structure is a key to holding numbers of fish all day.

Remember to fan cast the points as the fish may only be in a certain spot. Cast into the point and then cast across the point. I hope this helps you to look at a new tactic for your fishing enjoyment.

Jim Reaneau

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