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Art of Buying A Fishing Rod

Art of Buying A Fishing Rod Art of Buying A Fishing Rod
By Jim Reaneau

This article will cover the art of buying a fishing rod. Most of the time when someone gets in my boat the first thing I look at is their rods. There are times the style of fishing I plan on for the day will not match their equipment. Most people don’t like to Texas Rig or Carolina rig. The main reason is they hang up to much. The problem normally is the rod. For Jig and Pig, Texas Rig Worm and Carolina Rigs you need a stiff rod. If your tip is too light when you drag the bait over cover, the weight hangs and when you pull back the rod bends and you are hung. If you have a stiff tip it will not bend and the weight will hop over the obstacle. Most of the time I get one of my rods in a customers hands before the day is over. This way he can feel first hand what I am talking about. I have seen some expensive rods that were designed to do a certain things and they were too limber. Cost is not always the answer.

For worm and jig and for light weight lures such as the ½ oz jig or 3/8’s worm weights I recommend a medium heavy action rod. If you plan on punching the grass I recommend a heavy action rod. For the Carolina rig I like to use a seven foot heavy action rod. Most of the time when using the Carolina rig you are in deep water and you need all the help you can get on hook set. The long rod will give you more hook setting power.

I know that most of you don’t get into specialty fishing as I do so you normally have only one rod to cover a lot of fishing areas. A good medium action rod can cover most of this. If you are a crank bait fisherman you will need to look at fiberglass rods . The glass rods will pull a crank bait over the cover better and not wear out your arm.

I have been using Falcon Graphite Rods for as long as I have been in the guide business. I feel that a Falcon Rod is the best quality rod for your money. They have a good selection of rods for all fishing conditions. They have a universal rod that will handle almost all of your fishing needs. This rod is called the FC 5 –166, this is a medium action rod with plenty of tip for cranking and spinner baits. It will handle a light jig and a Texas rig worm. I have used this rod for Carolina Rigging. If you plan on having several rods I would recommend a FC 7- 166. This will handle a jig , worm, and a Carolina Rig with no problem. I use this rod for my customers to Carolina Rig. But if you plan on doing a lot of Carolina Rigging then the FC 7-!7 is the ultimate Carolina Rod. They have a good array of spinning rods should you need one. If you have a question about the rods email me and I will help you pick the rod best suited for you. Well good fishing and I hope this will help you to make some good choices on your next rod purchase.

Jim Reaneau
[email protected]
Professional Lake Fork Guide

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T. Larrabee | Posted: June 17, 2003

I found this to be very helpful, especially since I have been considering the Flacon rods as my next purchase.