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Fishing Change

Fishing Change Fishing Change
By Jim Reaneau

The change I am talking about is type of tackle, presentation, lure size, and line size.

Many times we pull into our favorite spot with the same old bait we have fished this spot with every time. How many times did we not get a bite. What would have happened if we had changed baits, line size, or lure size? Here at Lake Fork We are a proving ground for every lure that is manufactured. I can’t count the times someone has gotten into my boat with a new lure and “Wham” a big fish jumps all over it. We learn from our customers just as they learn from us. The one thing about guiding we get to have three people in the boat and we can try different baits to see what they will hit better. I normally get my customers fishing what has been working and I try different things to see what might work better. I can remember many years ago we would change worm color many times on a spot during a tournament that was producing fish to keep them from getting use to seeing the same color. The watermelon color is the longest lasting color I have seen to keep producing fish. This applies all over the country. I ask all my customers what is the best color on their lake or body of water. This is something I put in my thought book as something to try.

Lately on Fork the fish have opticed for bigger baits in areas they usually hit small worms. Bass are funny creatures, they can change their habits in a short period of time. This is a good reason to change tactics on your favorite water.

The pros know that line size can play a big part in there winning or losing on the tournament trail. They experience the same pressure we do as they have spectators around them spooking the fish. They have to modify there approach everyday to stay in the game. Line size can get you more bites and you may lose a few fish but you have to get a bite before you can catch a fish. This is all to simple sometimes and we make it hard. There are places where we use to heavy of a line when small sizes will cause a crank bait to go a little deeper or wobble a little more. When you change line sizes then you have to reset your drag to keep from breaking the line. Think about the crappie fisherman who land these big fish on Fork on 6 pound line and ultra light tackle. They are use to letting the fish pull out drag and they will fight the fish a while where the bass fisherman will crank and power in the fish. I am just as bad. I tell everyone my tackle is terminal. Something will give or break.

The next time you approach your favorite spot try a new bait or a smaller line size to see if you get more bites. You already know that the fish are usually there and what they may hit. If all else fails go to your usual bait. I hope this will help you to catch more fish.

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