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YUM Christie Classics Kit



You can't go wrong when you have tournament- winning professional angler Jason Christie picking your plastics. YUM® Christie Classics Kit includes his favorite designs for big bass. The Christie Critter and Baby Christie Critter are perfect for flipping, pitching, working deeper structure, and cruising a Carolina rig. Besides the double curl tail, the Christie Critter has 2 top swimming arms with cupped ends for a panicky swimming action. 2 flappers have triangular secondary claws. The Dinger™ is one of the few lures that catches bass whether they're feeding or not. No other style of lure gets inactive fish to strike like this one does. It can be rigged Texas-, Carolina-, or wacky- style; weightless or weighted. Any way it's rigged, it catches fish when other lures can't. Sporting a realistic crawfish profile with hyperactive claws, the Christie Craw features 3 pairs of crustacean legs on a segmented body. Claws taper thin, then bulk back up and end with big, swim-action claws. This deadly soft bait is ideal for flipping and pitching, as a jig trailer, or worked stealthily on a Carolina rig. Each of these Yum soft-plastic baits comes infused with a proven scent attractant containing enzymes that mimic fleeing baitfish to start a feeding frenzy.


  • 16 - 4.5" Christie Critter (8 each of GP Shadow and Watermelon/Red Flake)
  • 16 - 5" Dinger (8 each of Green Pumpkin Purple and Watermelon/Red Flake)
  • 16 - 3.5" Christie Craw (8 each of Bama Magic and Green Pumpkin)
  • 16 - 3.5" Baby Christie Critter (8 each of Watermelon Candy and Junebug)
  • 2 - 3/0 EWG worm hooks
  • 2 - 3/8 oz lead worm weights

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