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V&M Bayou Bullfrog



The V&M Bayou Bullfrog is not like other frogs because there are three important factors that set their frog apart from others: (1) The frog is carefully designed to be true to weight, so each frog will fish the same. (2) The frog floats like a cork because of the pork fat that is cooked into it. (3) The frog doesn’t swim upside down; it will right itself if it rolls over. In addition, there are other important design characteristics that make the Bayou Bull Frog an ideal bait to fish in grass and lily pads. The streamline design of the nose makes it very weedless. The bottom of the frog is shaped like a twin-hulled boat that traps air under the frog allowing the bait to track and travel easily across the surface, and the legs are designed to produce erratic action as you pull it across the surface drawing the attention of those lurking fish. A lot of research and care has been invested into the design of the Bayou Bull Frog to make it the most effective frog bait on the market.

The nose is designed, if rigged with the proper hook, will allow the angler to fish this bait using the walking-the-dog method, a common topwater fishing technique. The Bayou Bull Frog can be fished over grass because the streamlined nose design makes it very weedless. The best hook to use is a 5/0 wide-gap offset-shanked heavy-wire hook. The head of the frog can hide the eye of the hook so that nothing protrudes from the head of the frog except the line. The point of the hook should be fed up through the body and allowed rest on top of the body where the shape of the back prevents the hook from hanging up on the grass. The shank of the hook hangs below the bait, acting like a spring that exposes the point of the hook when the fish clamps down on the bait. The Bayou Bull Frog will sink very very slowly when rigged with a heavy wire hook; otherwise, it will float a light-wire hook. • It is an ideal bait to manage in response to short-strikes. Allow the frog to rest after a short-strike, it’s not going anywhere and it won’t sink like a stone either – it will sink very very slowly as if the fish stunned or killed the frog, so just sit tight and wait for the fish to come back around – WHAM!! Any questions?

Length: 4"

5 pack

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