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Furbit the Frog
Optimum Furbit the Frog

$ 11.99

Current Rating: 6.48
Poppin' Furbit
Optimum Poppin' Furbit

$ 11.99

Current Rating: 7.00
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Opti Series Victory Tail Jerk Bait
Optimum Opti Series Victory Tail Jerk Bait

$ 4.99

Current Rating: 9.29
Soft Body Swimbaits Return to Top
Baby Line Thru
Optimum Baby Line Thru

Starting at $ 5.49

Current Rating: 7.21
Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait
Optimum Boom Boom Rigged Swimbait

$ 10.99

Current Rating: 0.00
Boom Boom Weedless Swimbait
Optimum Boom Boom Weedless Swimbait

Starting at $ 8.99

Current Rating: 0.00
Double Diamond Swimmer
Optimum Double Diamond Swimmer

$ 3.99

Current Rating: 7.15
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