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Evergreen CH-1 Crankbait



The most appealing Super Shallow Runner.

CH-1 is Morizo Shimizu’s Super Shallow Runner crankbait. New product with target range of less than 1 foot has been added to the lineup. It has Morizo’s preference of high response and sharp high pitched wide wobble action, allowing one to rapidly seek extremely shallow waters, which were not possible before.

  • 1. Remarkable casting distance: It is a fixed weight lure, but there is a rattle room at the end of the body (tungsten and stainless), allowing remarkable distance and to search wider area quickly.
  • 2. Less than 1 foot for range setting: It dives approximately 1 foot at normal retrieve. You can aim from water surface to 1 foot depth with the adjustment with angle of the rod and retrieve speed, which can attract fish that stay below water surface.
  • 3. Quick response upon retrieving with most powerful action compatible to fast and low speed: Due to the circuit board and fixed weight at a low center of gravity, it responds quickly upon its contact with water. Highly appealing sharp high pitched wide wobble action. The action and the rattle attract fish in extensive area. Even at low speed it takes firm hold of the water with action, and during high speed retrieval it does not leave the water so one can use it stress-free.
  • 4. Complex low pitched sound appealing for big bass: Most powerful high-pitched wide wobble action with two different materials for rattle, producing complex low pitched sound strongly appeals to big bass.
  • 5. Fast recovery and voluntarily action inducing bites: The wide grip and wide action helps avoid covers. Even after the contact with structures it recovers quickly not missing the strike zone. Now, the moment of contact with structures or when retrieval stops, the lure voluntarily moves creating action that induces bites.


  • Type: Floating
  • Depth: 0-1 ft
  • Length: 2.25" (58 mm)
  • Weight: 7/16 oz (12.5 g)
  • Hook Size: Front #5 Rear #6


  • Body Shape: Roundish body designed to emphasize the extremely narrow tail effectively affects the lateral movement of the lure. Upon stopping retrieval, action occurs causing the lure to float and move lightly inducing bites.
  • Ultrathin circuit board: 1/32 inch circuit board is implemented. Light and thin design resulting in sharp high-pitched action, as well as its capability to quickly move upon retrieval.
  • Short-wide lip: Due to short yet wide design, it covers the action of the hook caused from wide wobble action to avoid contact with structures.
  • Integrally molded eye hook, fixed main weight at a low center of gravity: Fixed main weight increases the rate of response of the lure. Also it quickly recovers when avoiding structures. Action focus around the center of the weight. Low and high speed retrieve capacity allowing stable wide wobble action.
  • Rear weight / Rattle: By focusing the weight / rattle on the rear, gives stability upon casting, and also allowing remarkable casting distance. The rattle through two materials allow complex low pitched sound appealing for big bass. Placing the rattle near the tail with wide action, it enhances the produced sound.

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