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Evergreen SB-125 Topwater Plug



Top of its class as a fish bait. This is Morizo Shimizu’s bait of choice for searching the surface of the water.

Its unique bill produces powerful splatter, spit and bubbles that appeal to the fish. A body designed for air-resistance reduction, and tungsten weights at the very end of its tail guarantee incredible distance even against head winds. It can now search a much wider area with just one cast. Excellent body balance allows it to make quick consecutive turns without jumping out of the water, making it move much like agitated bait fish chased by a bass. The bait readily triggers the fish to bite. The feather hooks attached to the tail serve as "resonance" in the intervals between stillness and motion of an action, take those light bites of a fish unable to break above water into full-on bites, and help support the hook’s suction. On the other hand, the resistance created by the feather hooks has the effect of producing more sharpness to the bait’s quick turns. Whether to attract far-away fish with dramatic action, or nervous fish with soft vibrations, the SB-125 (SB=Shower Blows) is the one tool that can handle it all, regardless of any change in the day-to-day conditions of the fish. Make SB-125’s outstanding abilities a part of your repertory.


  • Type: Floating
  • Depth: Surface
  • Length: 4 7/8 in (125mm)
  • Weight: 15/16 oz (26.0g)
  • Hook size: Front:#4 Center:#4 Rear:#4


  • Original bill design: The inside of the bill powerfully pushes the water forward, continuously producing bubbly spit. The outside slaps the water sideways every time its neck moves. It features continuous water movement inside and out while in action.
  • Fat tail design: The fat tail design applies the right amount of flotation to the weight that’s concentrated in the back. A near-horizontal floating position and gravity center in the back creates superior action response and generates continuous quick turns within a short moving distance.
  • Heaviest tungsten weight: The heaviest tungsten ball is placed in the back of the body. This produces remarkable casting distance. Weight concentrated in the back means the lure is less likely to bounce off of and more likely to hook the bass.
  • Rattle sound: The low rumble of the tungsten ball and the high timbre of the steel ball create a piercing rattle that appeals to and attracts fish across a wide expanse.
  • Feather hooks: The feathers help support light and short bites. By creating resistance, feather hooks add sharpness to quick turn actions.

American Shad
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 9
Baby Bass
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 3
Black Bone
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 23
Bleeding White
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $17.99 Out
Blue Back Herring
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 Out
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 Out
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $17.99 Out
Emerald Shiner
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 Out
Full Metal
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $17.99 2
Half Mirror Wakasagi
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 1
Natural Gill
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 11
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 4
Skeleton Chartreuse
Size Price Stock Qty
4 7/8" $18.99 Out


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