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Northern Pike: Concord River

Current Rating: 4.18 with 1,460 votes  Email Photo   
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Photo Information
Date Caught: September 1, 2006
Location: Concord River
State: Massachusetts
Fish: Northern Pike
Photo Description: This is a 10.5 lb. 40 inch Northern Pike. I'm 6'2" 230 lbs and this pike makes me look small. I caught it using a 6' Ugly Stick with 10 pound FireLine and a 4 inch Renegade minnow lure. It was about 5:00pm and this big pike hit like a ton of bricks. I never use a metal leader since I do not troll and am very lucky that I never lose a pike without it. I consider this to be a big Northern Pike for the state of Mass. as the typical size is about 2-3 pounds from my experience. They get much bigger further north but I'm happy with this pig.. I always practice catch and release.
Photo Rating

Current Photo Rating: 4.18 with 1,460 votes
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mike | Posted: May 6, 2008

sorta looks like a muskie orange red fins

N. Beatty | Posted: January 13, 2007

This picture reminds me of the Aintry River in Georgia, wee-wee!!!

Stan | Posted: December 9, 2006

I saw this prize fish on his boat. Too bad he took so many photos of it. It died after he took it. I told him to put him back in the water, but he didn't care. He told me to take more pictures. His ego went to far that day.

Dobey Gillis | Posted: November 28, 2006

That looks like a nice bait fish to put on our hooks up here in British Colombia. We have HUGE Pike up here!

Sherry | Posted: November 27, 2006

This is my ex boyfriend holding this fish. The day before he broke up with me and that fishing is his true love.

Mike Cecere | Posted: November 17, 2006

Here I am holding a big Pike that my friend Doug caught. I took advantage of this pic and showed that I caught it instead. Sorry Doug

Mark Cecere | Posted: September 22, 2006

That fish is huge. I almost had a pike that size a few times, but it either got away or bit my line and took my lure. Great job dude!!!

Kevin P. | Posted: September 13, 2006

Nice fish. Can you eat them? I would like to catch one that big.

Doug | Posted: September 6, 2006

This looks like the same guy who caught a Northern Pike in Mass on this site. I'm a big fan of Northern Pike and my biggest pike is seven pounds this year. Yep, catch and release so someone else can catch it and have their day out on the river.

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