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New For This Year Return to Top
Boot Tail Fluke
Zoom Bait Boot Tail Fluke

$ 5.29

(New Colors Available)
(New Sizes Available)
Craws Return to Top
Big Critter Craw
Zoom Bait Big Critter Craw

$ 3.29
Grass Craw
Zoom Bait Grass Craw

$ 3.99
Lil Critter Craw
Zoom Bait Lil Critter Craw

$ 3.29
Magnum Road-Kill
Zoom Bait Magnum Road-Kill

$ 4.59
Road Kill
Zoom Bait Road Kill

$ 3.29
Salty Craw
Zoom Bait Salty Craw

Starting at $ 3.19
Super Speed Craw
Zoom Bait Super Speed Craw

$ 3.99
Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw
Zoom Bait Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw

Starting at $ 3.79
Zoom Bait Z-Craw

$ 3.99
Z-Craw Jr.
Zoom Bait Z-Craw Jr.

$ 4.19
Creatures Return to Top
Brush Hogs
Zoom Bait Brush Hogs

Starting at $ 3.49
Super Hog
Zoom Bait Super Hog

$ 3.99
Z-Hog Series
Zoom Bait Z-Hog Series

Starting at $ 4.19
Curly Tail Worms Return to Top
Big Dead Ringer 8-inch
Zoom Bait Big Dead Ringer 8-inch

$ 3.99
Curly Tail Worm
Zoom Bait Curly Tail Worm

$ 3.39
Dead Ringer 4-inch
Zoom Bait Dead Ringer 4-inch

$ 3.29
Dead Ringer 6-inch
Zoom Bait Dead Ringer 6-inch

Starting at $ 3.89
G-Tail Ringer Worm
Zoom Bait G-Tail Ringer Worm

Starting at $ 3.49
G-Tail Worm
Zoom Bait G-Tail Worm

$ 4.39
Zoom Bait MAG II

$ 4.49
Magnum Ol' Monster
Zoom Bait Magnum Ol' Monster

$ 4.89
Ol' Monster
Zoom Bait Ol' Monster

$ 4.19
Shakey Tail
Zoom Bait Shakey Tail

$ 4.19
U-Tale Worm
Zoom Bait U-Tale Worm

$ 3.99
Decals & Patches Return to Top
Zoom Bait Decals

Starting at $ 1.99
Zoom Bait Patch

$ 3.99
Dyes & Attractants Return to Top
Tail Dye Markers
Zoom Bait Tail Dye Markers

$ 3.99
Fork Tail Worms Return to Top
Fluke Stick
Zoom Bait Fluke Stick

$ 3.99
Fork Tail
Zoom Bait Fork Tail

$ 4.69
Gobies, Leeches & Darters Return to Top
Fluke Tail Goby
Zoom Bait Fluke Tail Goby

$ 4.19
Salty Reaper
Zoom Bait Salty Reaper

$ 3.79
Grubs Return to Top
Fat Albert Grub
Zoom Bait Fat Albert Grub

$ 2.39
Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub
Zoom Bait Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub

$ 3.49
Tab Tail Grub
Zoom Bait Tab Tail Grub

$ 2.39
Ultra-Vibe Grub
Zoom Bait Ultra-Vibe Grub

$ 2.39
Headwear Return to Top
Realtree Camo Hats
Zoom Bait Realtree Camo Hats

$ 14.99
Trucker Hat
Zoom Bait Trucker Hat

$ 14.99
Jerk Baits & Shad Return to Top
Zoom Bait Fluke

Starting at $ 2.49
Super Fluke
Zoom Bait Super Fluke

Starting at $ 3.29
Lizards Return to Top
Zoom Bait Lizard

Starting at $ 2.89
Novelties & Gifts Return to Top
License Plate
Zoom Bait License Plate

$ 14.99
Paddle Tail Worms Return to Top
Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm
Zoom Bait Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm

Starting at $ 3.99
Original Speed Worm
Zoom Bait Original Speed Worm

$ 3.99
Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm
Zoom Bait Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm

$ 3.99
Rattles Return to Top
Tube Rattles
Zoom Bait Tube Rattles

$ 2.99
Soft Body Frogs Return to Top
Zoom Bait Frog

$ 9.99
Horny Toad
Zoom Bait Horny Toad

$ 3.99
Soft Body Swimbaits Return to Top
Boot Tail Fluke
Zoom Bait Boot Tail Fluke

$ 5.29

(New Colors Available)
(New Sizes Available)
Zoom Bait Swimmer

$ 7.99
Swimmin' Super Fluke Series
Zoom Bait Swimmin' Super Fluke Series

$ 3.99

Stick Baits Return to Top
Zoom Bait Centipede

Starting at $ 4.39
Double Ringer
Zoom Bait Double Ringer

Starting at $ 3.89
Fish Doctor
Zoom Bait Fish Doctor

$ 4.59
Straight Tail Worms Return to Top
Finesse Worm
Zoom Bait Finesse Worm

$ 3.99
Magnum Finesse Worm
Zoom Bait Magnum Finesse Worm

$ 3.89
Magnum Swamp Crawler
Zoom Bait Magnum Swamp Crawler

$ 4.69
Magnum Trick Worm
Zoom Bait Magnum Trick Worm

$ 4.79
Zoom Bait Meathead

$ 3.49
Original Zoom Worm
Zoom Bait Original Zoom Worm

$ 3.99
Shakey Head Worm Series
Zoom Bait Shakey Head Worm Series

Starting at $ 3.99
Swamp Crawler
Zoom Bait Swamp Crawler

$ 3.99
Trick Worm
Zoom Bait Trick Worm

Starting at $ 4.19
Z Drop Worm
Zoom Bait Z Drop Worm

$ 3.79
Z-3 Original Zoom Worm
Zoom Bait Z-3 Original Zoom Worm

$ 4.59
Z-3 Swamp Crawler
Zoom Bait Z-3 Swamp Crawler

$ 4.59
Z-3 Trick Worm
Zoom Bait Z-3 Trick Worm

$ 4.59
Trailers Return to Top
Creepy Crawler Twin Tail
Zoom Bait Creepy Crawler Twin Tail

$ 2.79
Salty Chunk
Zoom Bait Salty Chunk

$ 2.39
Salty Pro Chunk
Zoom Bait Salty Pro Chunk

$ 2.39
Skinny Chunk
Zoom Bait Skinny Chunk

$ 2.39
Split Tail Trailer
Zoom Bait Split Tail Trailer

$ 3.49
Super Chunks
Zoom Bait Super Chunks

Starting at $ 2.29
Swimmin' Chunk
Zoom Bait Swimmin' Chunk

$ 2.39
Tiny Salty Chunk
Zoom Bait Tiny Salty Chunk

$ 2.39
Ultra-Vibe Chunk
Zoom Bait Ultra-Vibe Chunk

$ 2.39
Tubes Return to Top
Salty Super Tube
Zoom Bait Salty Super Tube

$ 3.99
Zoom Bait Tubes

$ 3.49
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