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LandBigFish Contributor

Dan Kiazyk

I grew up north of Winnipeg (between Selkirk and Winnipeg) and spent an inordinate amount of time on the Red river --- yup even skipped school!. I married a gal who's father grew up and had family (Albertson) until only recently in Pine Falls -- hence my connection with the Winnipeg river

My childhood buds and I took a keen interest to fishing. As a younger fellow, I was particularly interested in the Manitoba Master angler program, earning "Grand Master angler" designation (I have caught 24 different Master angler species) and a "specialist" designation in 14 different species (five master anglers of the same species). But those where the exploits of my youth eh! Now, however, I look forward to the reward of seeing a client battle a big fish. Last year I had a client that personally caught 14 master angler cats in one outing. Needless to say.... he was ecstatic!

I guide on the weekends during the school year and throughout the summer holidays. I am particularly interested in rounding out my angling acumen with a broad knowledge of different species and the lakes, rivers, reservoirs and ponds where they can be caught. I do specialize a bit but I really like to catch any fish that likes to bite! My hope is that by having this wide range of experiences and by continuing to learn I might be a better guide for my clients! Too many guides tout themselves as "know-it-alls" or the "best-on-the river" but I prefer to remain a "seasoned fishing student" of sorts.

Lately I've caught the hunting bug... (varmints, white tail as well as ducks and geese). I may be getting into that part of the outfitting business in the next 5 years or so. As a hobby I write about my experiences while fishing. My articles have been published on various web sites across the internet and of course on my own site as well. I enjoy the feed back they generate (from clients and the general public).

To find out more about Dan Kiazyk, his fishing style, or charter services, visit his website at or drop him an email at

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