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Fish Identification - Chinook Salmon

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Chinook Salmon
Species Facts

Science Name: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Other Names: king salmon, spring salmon, tyee, quinnant, blackmouth
Ideal Temp: 52 to 58
World Record: 97 lbs. 4 ounces, Alaska
Environment: stream and coastal
Techniques: medium casting, medium fly

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Bill | Posted: September 23, 2009

From Arizona.Need all the help I can get

nature lover | Posted: June 23, 2009

The best tip I ever followed was locating a nice quiet deep hole..where no other fishermen or cops are ignite one stick of dynamite at a time and quickly submerge the dynamite before it discharges. You must have a net to scoop fish as they float back down river. You must not waste fish and should net all that float. This is far easier than gill netting. And should be cheaper too.

james | Posted: April 24, 2008

have u tryied night fishing well i did try useing a glow spoon cast it in the millde of the lake and bring it in slow and i mean real slow and then fast i caught a 15 pound one of shore doing that sorry about the miss spell words catch some fish !

bassboy12345 | Posted: October 27, 2007

When the chinook salmon make their spawning runs upstream they are fairly easy to catch with large plugs.

Taylor Jerden | Posted: August 27, 2007

Great Fighters. I recommed that you hire a guide to get these things. The guide I got to is Capt. Ken Nidlinger (I hope I didn't misspell the old man's name) He runs a charter boat out in Michigan on the St. Joseph river. Look him up. He ain't cheap, but he'll give you an expierence of a life-time.

jurell piske | Posted: July 10, 2003

I think that herring strips or GIBBS MINNOW work good. I like to bottom bounce or jig with the minnow and troll with the strip. I have even caught a 31 pounder off a dock with a maise spoon.

Tim Kalvin | Posted: September 2, 2002

As an expierianced angler, I have found that Flutter Spoons, whole bait, plug cut herring, herring strips or plastic squids baited with herring strips are often the most effective as baits. I have caught a 68" chinook once using the herring strips!