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Fish Identification - Skipjack Tuna

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Skipjack Tuna
Species Facts

Science Name: Euthynnus pelamis
Other Names: Artic bonito and oceanic bonito
Ideal Temp: 65 to 85
World Record: 45 lbs. 4 oz, Mexico
Environment: offshore
Techniques: medium tackle, trolling

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Akuboat captin | Posted: July 20, 2008

trolling at 3 mph with blue, pink, white or orange small skirt lures works all the time also throwing small live baitfish netted near shore overbord near a floating object in the water causes them to go into a feeding frenzy that will actually cause them to bite a bare shiny hook

[email protected] | Posted: March 30, 2002

Keep looking up! I have found that schools of skipjack often will seek the shade of clouds. On a hot day, they will tend to be just ahead of a raincloud. Although most don't target skipjack, finding a school does have it's rewards. They often school with blackfin tuna in the western Atlantic Ocean, and will be hunted by marlin and pelagic sharks which won't be far away. Feathers are the predominant bait, however, I fish naturals (ballyhoo). Good luck!