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Fish Identification - Pacific Mackerel

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Pacific Mackerel
Species Facts

Science Name: Scomber japonicus
Other Names: American mackerel, blue mackerel, greenback jack, chub mackerel

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anonymous | Posted: July 27, 2003

"cheesecakeace's" tip dont work "Alfredo's" tip worked better and it fooled fishes instead of snagging them witch is not permited at some places.

Alfredo Gutierrez | Posted: February 3, 2003

Use 20 pound test super line on a medium power spinning reel. Any rod length will work. Tie on a 6 foot leader of monofilament line about 2 feet down from the knot. Tie on a size 4 hook about 2 feet below the connection knot and another hook about a foot down from that and one last hook a foot below the second one. At the very end of the line tie on a 1 ounce weight. Use small strips of squid, mussle, mackerel bits, anchovies or srimp as bait (any of these baits will work). Just cast it out and keep your line tight to feel any bites. As soon as you feel a tap set the hook hard. Reel your fish in slowly and keep it away from trouble, and you might catch more than one fish at a time.

[email protected] | Posted: November 23, 2002

When ever reeling in to check the bait always reel in very slowyly, I was doing this once and i caught one nice mackerel by the eye! It was my first fish too.

Alfredo | Posted: June 17, 2002

I like to use medium light power rods with a matching spinning ir bait casting reelreel. I use 12 pound test although 8 pound test works good. I tie on 2 or 3 hooks around size 3 about 1 foot spaced out. Then I add a 1 ounce weight about a foot down from the last hook. Then I add small strips of squid on the hooks and cast out to a likely spot that the mackerel will be wich is still water. When you feel the bite, set the hook and play him to you slowly and maybe you can catch 2 or 3 mackerels at the same time.