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Fish Identification - Blue Catfish

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Blue Catfish
Species Facts

Science Name: Ictalurus furcatus
Other Names: channel cat, hump-back blue, forktail cat, great blue cat, silver cat
Ideal Temp: 75 to 85
World Record: 111 lbs, Al.
Environment: rivers
Techniques: light tackle, medium tackle

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charles thompson | Posted: May 31, 2013

the illinois state record for blue catfish is 124lbs 4oz mississippi river in 2005

ronnie | Posted: November 3, 2011

the world record is wrong.a 123 lb. bluecat was caught in 2010.

Mike | Posted: November 28, 2010

I have a question for anyone to answer. What type of hook is best and where should the hook be placed? Thanks Mike

Alex | Posted: February 12, 2010

When I fish Lake Oconne, I take a cast net and catch wild shad. I hook a 4-6" shad with a 2/0 hook (style of hook is a personal preference) I use circle hooks and sometimes octopus hooks. Then I just free line the fish.

pat | Posted: July 5, 2009

I use them jumping carp one jumps in the boat you cut it up put it on your jug or pole abput 10 feet deep. And LOOK OUT! I got a 28 pounder lastnight using jumping carp.

ramirez_clint@yahoo. | Posted: April 30, 2008

when you are in running water type throwing a cast net to catch shad or minnows if so cut the large ones in pieces place the bait on your hook and bottom fish with a sinker and at least a 15 lbs line and hold on for the fun

Tom Moore | Posted: November 13, 2007

I have always had prtty good luck fishing for the big cats. Sharp hooks are very important and the area's you fish are just as important. During the colder months I try to fish deep and these big cats will go deep in colder weather. Not I set my trotlines up in areas will big fish will come in and feed at night. They will eventually go back to deeper water but count on it they will make their way upstream to feed. I like to use cutbait, drum, carp, what-ever bait is handy. I use worms and I have found many blue-gil get on the trot lines and that's just dandy, I leave them there as these big cats will feel the vibration of the small fish trying to get off the line and here they come. Based solely on the vibrations in the water these big cats will track these small fish fighting on the trotline down and hopefully will take the bait. In any event I have much more to share with anyone if interested. I run lines each day here in Texas.

[email protected] | Posted: November 8, 2006

always use a name brand tackle when fishing for a Blue Catfich.

buckfishing@cableone | Posted: September 25, 2006

Main bait to use is the shad, one that is approx. 10" long, cut right behind the gill, use the head only, best time of year is around Sept thru December, when the water stars to get cold the big cats will start to school up in usual deep water, sometimes you can use a cork and fish just of bottom, other times bottom fishing will produce some good catches, and the good thing about fishing for blues you don'y have to use a boat,sometimes its best, but you can always find a place to put your easy cahir on some deep bend of a good river, my7 biggest so far is around 42 lbs I caught it in a drop off near the bank, on a whole shad.

Cory Pearson | Posted: June 10, 2006

The place where i fish for blues they love just regular store bought shrimp.

JD | Posted: May 26, 2006

Use fresh, still bleeding 3" shad, bream, or perch. Trim fins and tail. Open gut, then hook through eyes with 8/0 circle hook.Carolina rig with 2oz river weight and swivel. Try different leader lengths from 6" to 24". Locate bait schools and insert your rig. It works for me!

Mike Carver | Posted: May 20, 2006

Use 3 inch whole small shad. When u catch a big shad cut into 1 in pieces.Hook small shad behind eyes.

mark | Posted: April 16, 2006

use live 3inch goldfish.

Mike | Posted: August 15, 2005

Use live bluegill. Especially when you are using trot-lines or limb-lines.

Mustafa | Posted: July 14, 2005

use chicken liver they seem to love it. bosna til i die

Johnny | Posted: June 27, 2005

Use Canadian nightcrawlers and a pheremone/scale fleck gel or spray.

Justin Compton | Posted: June 19, 2005

Catch live shad and cut it into small peices. They love fresh shad. They also seem to love the head of the shad.

john mengedoht | Posted: June 29, 2004

Use fresh bait shrimp or chicken liver, the fresher the better.

blake | Posted: August 10, 2003

Catch a bream any kind and cut into small peaces and use light wieght.(bigger the peace of bream the bigger the fish)