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Fish Identification - Spotted Seatrout

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Spotted Seatrout
Species Facts

Science Name: Cynoscion nebulosus
Other Names: Speckled Trout
Ideal Temp: 55 to 80
World Record: 17 lbs. 7 oz, Fl.
Environment: inshore, coastal
Techniques: light tackle, castting, fly

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keebo | Posted: August 1, 2010

Growing up fishing the flats of the Indian River, trout is a favorite species of mine to catch. Favorite baits are cotee grubs, zara spooks and the biggest bass worms you can find. I like the 10-12" ones, they have consistantly brought big fish in, The quest is too catch the record, so far I am 3lbs. off of it. Maybe one day.

troutman | Posted: March 15, 2009

this is my favorite fish and i could wite 5 pages on it but for u ill make it breif. white doa shrimp in winter. live shrimp spring, summer, fall. fish a moving tide

Terry | Posted: July 16, 2008

Using live bait such as pogie's or little 2 inch mullet will pull in the large trout, they are not oppertunists they are more of a hunter fish. The shine of the pogie will attract a sworm of fish.

Tyler Payne | Posted: January 14, 2006

For Speckaled trout use a red jig head and a yellow grub or use a sinking mirror lure. I also use the berkley gulp shrimp.

Robert | Posted: July 29, 2005

A good bait for spotted sea trout is dead shrimp.

Bill | Posted: April 13, 2004

During the winter months, trout will move to the warmest water nearest to them. Cast DOA Shrimp or even live shrimp in waters close to (as close as you can get) to the discharged water from a nuclear power stack. If the current is swift, be sure you have enough weight to get the bait to a lower depth. Change up presentation and fish 3-8 feet.