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Fish Identification - Smallmouth Bass

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Smallmouth Bass
Species Facts

Science Name: Micropterus dolomieu
Other Names: Bronzeback, brown bass, black bass, Oswego bass, green trout and redeye
Ideal Temp: 60 to 70
World Record: 10 lbs. 14 ounces, Tn.
Environment: streams, rivers, lakes
Techniques: Casting, live baiting

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Mainah | Posted: November 14, 2012

Minnows work best for me when it comes to smallies. Get a # 20 or 40 hook, and in streams, just hook em through the lips, toss em in a pool, and let it sit, but dont let the line go loose; keep it somewhat taut. For still water fishing, Put a bobber a foot or two above the minnow. If you see the float go down, count to ten (relatively quickly) and set the hook hard. Hope this works for you!

Jedwards36 | Posted: November 6, 2012

If you really want some fun the find yourself a nice medium sized stream. Locate deeper pools or deep rifles, and use 2-3" grubs( chartreuse/ Salt and pepper ). Also try super fluke jrs and any 3" or 2 3/4" craws with a 1/16 oz weight. With those 3 you are set! I've fished for largemouth in many different areas, and a 16" largie felt like an 8" smallie. Best freshwater gamefish!

dog244fish | Posted: May 20, 2011

By far the best bait I've found for creek smallmouth is a Smoke Twintail Grub with Blue Flakes, I prefer Bass Pro's XPS. We've caught more Elkhorn Creek (KY) smallmouth on that lure than even on live "Go-Devils" (Hellgramites), Soft Craws, or Leeches! Best spots are in the backwater eddies & under tree roots. If you can find both, you'll be amazed how many you can pull out in such a small area! Happy Fishing!!!

joe | Posted: July 26, 2009

i'm pulling them out of river raisin in monroe mi with rooster tails

vince | Posted: September 3, 2008

i still live by worms with smallies,i couldnt stop catching them on my trip to the saugeen river, they were averaging 5+ lbs there

KICKBASSS | Posted: August 16, 2008

SHAD ON THE BOTTOM! Let it take it do not jerk!

caleb | Posted: August 7, 2008

use texas rigged rubber worms and senkos also tiki sticks work well weightless around rocks anywhere from 6 to 25 feet

JR | Posted: July 22, 2007

use a spinner with a nightcrawler

Byrns | Posted: July 2, 2007

Use Leftover Bluegil or pumpkinseed parts or insides. Ounce in Lake Winnepasalkee i caught an 8 lb Bass with a bluegil tail.

[email protected] | Posted: June 18, 2007

I fish for smallmouth down in west virginia in a river called "Tug Fork". The river is the border of west virginia's west and kentuckey's east. I just want to say they are the funnest catching best tatin fish i ever had!

indigo man | Posted: August 25, 2006

having problems fishing muddy water or even tea colored water. try tying a yum tub the brightest you can get and bounce it about three to four inches off the bottom as much as you can close to weed beds.seems like they hear it and hit it!!GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN ON THE WATER. FUN.

p.s fast retreive works well wen theres warm water involved .

Jason Assin (pro) | Posted: August 14, 2006

When i bass fish i've always found that smallmouth bass seem to almost always be in shady areas..i find that in dark green waters with vegetation and flat rocks.. taht samll spoons work best wit fast retrieve,..

Tyler | Posted: July 29, 2006

i always have good luck with hula poppers in early summer. Just cast into an area around bass beds or anywhere else that looks like a good spot for bass to chill and wait about 2 seconds and pop the popper. Wait 5 seconds and pop it again. if they dont hit within the first 30 seconds then they aren't interested. this also works for largemouths, too. remember- these are just guidelines you can do simmalar things to this... as my grampa alsways says 'fishing is a sport where the angler does what works best for him' good luck :D

rory | Posted: September 11, 2005

small mouth bass are small and they dont bite as well as largemouth.

James Gebo | Posted: July 17, 2004

Worms with bobbers, or roostertails work good.

Neil Smith | Posted: January 30, 2004

When smallie fishing in the low, clear waters of late summer, try casting light colored poppers with rubber legs to likely cover and after a few GENTLE pops allow the popper to just float. Two minutes is not too long, and it takes patience, but the rewards can be gratifying.

Rey Michaud | Posted: July 7, 2003

I fish Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire every summer around mid july. Pleasant lake is a very clear lake with a sandy bottom and lots of boulders and rocks. One killer method for smallmouth is dragging a carolina rigged watermelon seed green zoom lizard across the bottom. Drag it slow. You'll know when they hit! 40 fish days are common. 21/2 pound average. Many 3-4 pounders. At dusk and dawn use zara spooks or chug bug topwater baits and watch the water expload. Have Fun!

Musky Maniac | Posted: June 18, 2003

A great way to catch smallmouth in muddy or tinted water, is to use a silver RAPALA, this works great for a variety of other fish as well, try casting it near some cover, and reel in until it goes about 2 feet under, stop, and let it float up. Wait 5 seconds...and etc. This is a killer technique for any kind of fish. Try it! Good Fishing

xxhereisnowhy@yahoo. | Posted: June 7, 2002

I live near the Tuolomne River in California. The waters are generally shallow with rocky bottoms. I found if you a ROOSTERTAIL SPINNER and stand upstream and cast downstream it works really well. Especially over weed beds. I cast down, and reel in slowly, causing the current to make the spinner rotate and vibrate much harder and faster than you would if you were reeling in normally. This is killer. DoOing the same with small 2 inch worms gives the same effect. GOOD LUCK!

Thomas L. Andrews | Posted: June 4, 2002

Don't let high muddy water mess up your smallmouth trip. Try hooking a big crawler once thru the collar and tossing it in the slower back waters or in the outside edge of a slow eddy current. They feed very well in muddy water, the trick is locating them back from their usual haunts to keep from fighting the current. Almost as much fun as tossing a lure in clear waters! T. Andrews at Outdoor Adventures. Http://