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Fish Identification - Shortnose Gar

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Shortnose Gar
Species Facts

Science Name: Lepisosteus platostomus
Other Names: Billy gar, short-billed gar, stub-nose gar

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Kenneth Brown | Posted: May 23, 2012

I caught a 6 lb. shortnose gar on Tuesday May 22, 2012 from the James River at Huron SD. Tomorrow I go to apply for the state record as the current record is 5Lb.10oz. I foul hooked it in the anal fin while casing a jig and tail for walleyes at 3rd St. Dam in Huron. The same day I snagged onto a big paddlefish and it jumped way out of the water and did a 360+ with a few half twists. It soon broke my 10lb. line but we can't keep them anyway except at Gavin's Point Dam near Yankton, SD in October. That was my best fish on experience EVER. Wish me luck on the record quest tomorrow. I will post it here if I am successful. If I am trying for gar I use a very small treble and minnow so they get hooked while swallowing. Works like a charm.

garman | Posted: November 5, 2002

A #3 Mepps spinner with a premium #4 treble (Mustad Ultrapoint, Gamakatsu, or Eagle Claw Featherlite) will get you a mess of shortnose. The only lure made specifically for shortnose is the Lambo Lure at

Blaine/[email protected] | Posted: July 21, 2002

Use nylon rope hookless fly to catch. Or a small harp treble hook and a small peice of shad. Sight cast and pull in front of their nose until they bite..