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Fish Identification - Warmouth

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Species Facts

Science Name: Lepomis gulosus
Other Names: warmouth bass, warmouth perch, goggle-eye, redeye and goggle-eyed perch
Ideal Temp: 78 to 85
World Record: 2 lbs. 7 ounces, Fl.
Techniques: light tackle, fly fishing

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Richard | Posted: April 10, 2009

I've caught them in the evening on small chartreuse and silver crappie stingers fished close to the bottom in the creek I live on.I've also caught them on small streamers while flyfishing for crappie- charteuse or white works good,a #8 hook, not more than an inch and a half long.

zenoform | Posted: March 8, 2007

I fish at a private pond and I alway get warmouths by using Topwater (poppers) lures. Cast the popper at the weededge and wait a few secs till they attack the sitting lure if not then just twitch the popper this most of them time makes them hit the lure. If nothing still happens once you twitch them close to shore then cast in a different area.

sullyzippo | Posted: April 5, 2006

I have caught them on worms and crickets with a bobber, usually around the bank, but seem to really love rocks.

Derek  | Posted: February 1, 2006

I fish for these in my neighbors pond. Its kind of a river pond thing. But they hit live minnows on a small hook.

Tight lines

fisherMAN | Posted: June 4, 2004

I fish for these in a pond that a street owns (dont know if thats considered private). What i use is a big grub on about a 3" hook and fish around the rocks, they attack that thing, but the weird thing is that they don't fight for me.

[email protected] | Posted: July 19, 2002

We fish for warmouth in a farm pond. In the spillover channel at the dam there is grass growing out of the water at the lakes edge. Throw a cricket on a #6 hook INTO the grass. Whether or not the cricket falls in the water is not important for they will jump out to get it. Use ultralight rig with 4-6lb test. HAVE FUN for they fight like a bream with the body weight of a bass.