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Fish Identification - Bluefish

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Species Facts

Science Name: Pomatomus saltatrix
Other Names: blue, chopper, anchoa
Ideal Temp: 66 to 72
World Record: 31 lbs. 12 ounces NC
Environment: offshore
Techniques: surf-fishing, medium tackle, trolling
Range: Atlantic Ocean

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troutman | Posted: March 15, 2009

you need to troll for this fish. you troll with a straw rig. or called a mackeral tree. you can by them at walmart these are school ling fish so when going right through the middle of them cast a gotcha 1/4 once silver rorange head fo bigger chnce of hooking aup

npfisher | Posted: August 8, 2008

when cathing bluefish in shallow waters right off the coast live or once live bait is best,small hooks with killies

[email protected] | Posted: July 10, 2006

Theres a good way to catch little blues if you care. They love live or even dead bait. Tey also like gotchas when you jig them. But the best hooks for blues are little ones, All other type are bad cause they can see them, which isnt good cause they will just eat the peices of the fish without a hok.

daniel | Posted: March 5, 2006

i always found that chuncks buncker always worked the best by letting them drift out or by letting them drop straight down the side of the boat

Thomas Woods | Posted: December 6, 2005

Use diamond jigs. They are cheap and there great lures.

JAstamford | Posted: October 15, 2005

An effective way to hit big blues is to troll live fish or dead whole fish down deep in deep water near wrecks and reefs. Use downriggers and wire line to get down to the bottom so you can get your bait into the strike zone. Also anchoring and chunking bunker is affective.

Tight lines

rory123456789 | Posted: September 11, 2005

when bait fishing use whole herring. bait it through the eye then the belly finnaly the tail. U must have a wire leader when fishing for bluefish or else they will bite of your line. do not put your hand near there mouth the bite really hurts

Dillon | Posted: July 7, 2005

When your fishing off a boat, you should try a variety of lures, i always use STORM swimbaits, i always catch 8-11lb blues, let it sink to the bottom and reel it in slowly, this way it looks like an injured bait fish.

[email protected] | Posted: June 26, 2005

when chartering for blue fish, use a simple jig. Let the jig hit the bottom then reel up as fast as possible, letting the jig sit at the bottom will result in no strikes.

Sweep017 | Posted: June 23, 2005

When fishing off of piers, use a gotcha plug by twitching your rod tip. They won't stop biting.

metssuck4eva | Posted: July 19, 2002

To catch snapper bluefish, the best lure to use is a snapper popper. Use it like you were using a regular popper.