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Fish Identification - Black Drum

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Black Drum
Species Facts

Science Name: Pogonias cromis
Other Names: drum, sea drum, common drum, oyster cracker, banded drum, butterfly drum
Ideal Temp: 70 to 75
World Record: 113 lbs. 1 oz, Delaware
Environment: inshore, coastal
Techniques: medium tackle
Range: Eastern United States

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npfisher | Posted: August 25, 2008

i was crabing one day and instead of pulling up crabs i get massive tugs so i swich to a hook on the line and i keep the hook with chicken on it at medium depth and i pull up a black drum

messoball | Posted: July 11, 2006

Drum love shellfish, but i mostly see results using fiddlers or shrimp. These baits work anywhere to , on a dinky pier or a fun boat. This month or maybe around next month is said to be drum time so cast your poles. You also need good sized waits so they will get to the bottom of the water. Using chum might be a good alernative if you cant find some. regulart fish wouldnt be too good of an idea, but it has a 60% chance of attracting. The best chum for these fine fish would be crushed shell fish. Like shrimp, crabs, mollusks, fiddlers, shells, ext. You mght not attract any but its usuayy worth the wait if your patient. One reason why they are worth the wait is cause they are tasty fish:) also Next month is drum time only if you live in theflorida region, i know that kinda sucks:(

joseph brown | Posted: February 6, 2005

Use clam and crab combo and also use a chum bucket with crushed up crab add water and frezze so that you have chum all day.

AaronfromNc | Posted: July 21, 2002

Fish heavy currents with weights heavy enough to hit bottom. Try small blue crab, sand fleas, fiddler crabs or if you can keep the pin fish from eating it, squid .