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Fish Identification - Green Sunfish

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Green Sunfish
Species Facts

Science Name: Lepomis cyanellus
Other Names: Goggle-eye, rock bass, branch perch

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Will Richardson | Posted: February 25, 2014

my subdivision has a retention pond in the middle of it and it is for the houses around it to use. So in my backyard, literal 10 feet from my backyard fence gate, there is a 2 acre pond. There are green sunfish and bluegill x green sunfish hybrids in there and i'm telling you, sometime it feels like i've hooked a lunker bass the way they hit. I fish a bass pro tiny lite spinning reel and a ultra light 4'6" ugly stick with 4lb spider wire ultra mono and man, it is THE MOST FUN, i think i've had fishing. I'm the only one that fishes this pond besides a grandfather and his grand kids twice a year when they come and visit him, so the fish are pretty much all mine, and one I weighed last year cam in at 1lb 4oz.....yeah, he got ate.

bassboy12345 | Posted: July 14, 2008

i fish a worm with a bobber near the botem of a creek or river

James | Posted: September 21, 2006

When I Fish For Green Sunfish, I Like To Use A Small Crankbait Made By: Michael's Outdoors Lures and Accessories" Bought From Wal-mart. It's Called A Little Bitty Crank Bait. Color:Firetiger Size: 1" With 2 Small Red Treble Hooks. And Is Also Good For Small Bass And Bluegill

J. E. B. | Posted: November 18, 2003

When fishing for these and all other bream, I use a bobber, split shot, and, of course, a hook. I like to bring the hook below the float far enough so that it rests on the bottom of the creek or wherever I'm fishing. The split shot goes right below the bobber.

I find that these fish prefer eating off of the bottom and are easy to catch this way.

Fishman | Posted: October 6, 2003

I know how it is when you can't slip on a T-shirt and walk outside early in the morning. Its winter. You might think bream fishing is over for the year right after late summer, early fall. You thought wrong. In the summer you could tie on a popper or dry fly and constantly reel sunfish to where it gets boring. I live in South Carolina to where it gets down to 30 degrees during winter. Thats when I tie on a small Caddis Fly. Caddis Flies are killers for trout and sunfish in the winter. You simply let it sit until it touches bottom. Slowly raise the tip of your fly rod until the fly bearly tips the water. If you get no strikes, try again. If you try this during winter months, your panfish, bass catching rate will rocket.

In the summer you can throw just about anything to catch panfish. I prefer using a small "Miss Prissy".

My technique is to cast it, let it sit, twitch it, let it sit constantly over and over until a strike. At Landsford Canal stream, I caught nearly 100 panfish. One of them was almost 2.5 pounds.

Happy and Productive
Fishing! Fishman

george | Posted: June 19, 2002

pop the head off of a mealworm thread the hook through and use a bobber, fly-line it, or use a small jig head.