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Fish Identification - Brown Trout

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Brown Trout
Species Facts

Science Name: Salmo trutta
Other Names: German brown, Loch Leven trout, brownie, sea trout
Ideal Temp: 56 to 66
World Record: 40 lbs. 4 ounces Ark.
Environment: stream, lake
Techniques: light fly, light tackle, casting

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mike | Posted: July 29, 2015

my biggest is 14.2 lbs! i love em! i dont catch em often tho!!!

Storm Barbie Jonesa | Posted: May 31, 2007

Wow. This 411 is AWESOME! Whoever wrote it is my BFF FOR LIFE!!! I don't fish (or eat it for that matter...ew...) but I used it for poetry! THANK YOU!!!

Dylan | Posted: July 16, 2006

Brown's usually like to hit small orange, goldish flashy baits, such as spinners. In streams I catch alot of browns of of gold Panther Martain spiners. Also in rivers and lake I like to use orange Rapalas.

Bill | Posted: April 10, 2006

My record is 11lb 8 ounces. The best thing to throw is some kind of flashy cranking minow. Use a shallow diving crank instead of spinners for bigger trout. Flies are fun, but I like bigger fish.

[email protected] | Posted: February 3, 2004

When fishing for browns in early spring, I like to use a small, solid colored spinner and fish it by casting it up stream and using the force of the current to retrieve your lure. You will have the best luck an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset.

Steve | Posted: October 19, 2002

Brown trout living in the sea are cought @ low tide comming on to high within 1 mile of the sea in brackash fresh water outlets. They are skiddish and must be approached with caution. They perfer crabs and sand eels and can approach up to 8 lbs.