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Fish Identification - Yellow Perch

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Yellow Perch
Species Facts

Science Name: Perca flavescens
Other Names: Lake Perch; Ringed Perch

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DLFCALABAMA | Posted: June 1, 2012

When I was young fishing in Canada for Walleye, I got bored catching Walleyes on every cast. I was eating some Cracker Jacks and baited my hook with the Karmel Corn Cracker Jacks and started catching monster yellow Perch to my surprise. Try this and see if you get a monster SURPRISE CATCH on Cracker Jacks, HUGE Yellow Perch Love them.

billybob | Posted: June 25, 2008

In my lake the yellow and black perch are almost always near underwater structure! they love mepps cyclops spoons in yellow/green pattern,sizes 0-2, also 1\2 night crawler wit double willow bladed spinner in gold! good luck on the water

Chad/Pittsburgh | Posted: February 13, 2008

Go on a dock and use a size 14 hook and put a maggot on it. Let it float to the bottom and then pull it up and there will most likely be a perch or small bluegill on it. This works well at Pymatuning.

bassboy12345 | Posted: November 24, 2007

if tou want to catch big perch use big crayfish tails.

Cass | Posted: July 24, 2007

I fish in an Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) river/lake reservoir, and I usually catch perch where the rock bass hide (near submerged rocks with wood structure around them), but the big ones (10-14 inches) isolated themselves in a bay with thick vegetation in the river part. We dragged a nightcrawler harness (a.k.a. Walleye Stopper) through the thick weeds. We never caught two in the same spot, but they were in there, and were always fun to catch. When fishing for any fish, the nightcrawler harness is dynamite. If you don't have those, your second best bet would have to be a chartreuse or yellow swirl tail jig.

jazib | Posted: June 24, 2007

if u wanna catch some yellow perch just use soft shell.

skypilot07 | Posted: September 16, 2006

Thumbs Up!

indigo man | Posted: August 27, 2006

want a long lasting bait for kids,try beef hearts in stips you can get them at any bucher shop cheep!Once there on the hook they are hard too pull off therfore less baiting and more fishing .THIS IS ANAWSOME TRICK!HAVE FUN ON THE WATER!

Basser | Posted: August 22, 2006

Use a jig with a chartreuse color and a 2" live worm.

Step 1- Cast the jig close to visible structure such as piers, trees and other thing.

Step 2- Let the jig reach the bottom and jig the bait super slow.

Remember to have UR line streched the whole time so U feel the bite.

fishkid | Posted: August 17, 2006

my best perch were at jordenelle res utah all i did is went on the privet dock and put a half a real worm about 1ft from the surface in about 6 ft of water and i caught 11 8-10 inch perch in less than 1 hour

evan  | Posted: June 25, 2006

yellow perch are always at the lakes are are very good eating.they LOVE to eat bread witch i always use and catch a tramendos amount of them

jon/ alberta canada | Posted: January 30, 2006

i ice fish perch in 3 feet of water in snipe lake alberta, i caught a 21in 2 pound 14 ounce this winter, we use anything from worms, minnows large pike spoons with no bait and bacon and cheese work awesome up here

[email protected] | Posted: January 2, 2006

Heres a tip when removing the hook from a yellow perch.

I learned this the hard way.

When the mouth of a yellow perch is opened (like when you are removing a hook) its spines and fins all harden and stick up like a porcupine. I got stabbed a couple of times removing the hook from its mouth.

To remove your hook, close its mouth, push down the spines and then hold it while you remove the hook.

But be careful. you can still get stabbed or even hook yourself because it will threash around

Alex M | Posted: September 19, 2005

The Best thing to do if fishing on lake erie (for Perch) is to let your line down all the way, they will chase it to the bottom, then reel up about once or twice n wait for a bite. Thats ALL that needs to be done i caught a 13 1/4 inch Yellow Perch doing just that. I used a Double Hook and put BIG minis(Minnows) on there, and your set.(in approx 67 ft of water )

[email protected] | Posted: June 10, 2005

I used worms to catch these perch. These are schooling fish so if you catch one fish, there will be more in the area. When I caught them, they were feeding near a dock where the bluegills were and are apparently eating the largemouth bass fry. I caught a 3 inch large mouth bass, then a 4 inch yellow perch, and then finally a 6 inch yellow perch. It only took me about 30 minutes. One other thing is to look for pits and chasms in the bottom of the pond/lake. the perch like staying there and rarely come out to the shallows.

Toadman | Posted: April 26, 2005

After an April early morning rain, I caught a pile of perch on a meedium 'bleeding Rat-L-Trap' with red hooks. I used a jerky, slow retrieve. Great fun.

Harty | Posted: September 26, 2004

New to perch fishing, want to know how to go about catching them?

walker trimble | Posted: June 7, 2003

Use a spinner with a worm instead of the plastic. That is how I caught my record.