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Fish Identification - Sauger

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Species Facts

Science Name: Stizostedion canadense
Other Names: Sand pike, river pike, gray pike, gray pickerel, spotfin pike

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kyle hutton | Posted: December 3, 2008

using cradades workreal well for sauger.

from far away land | Posted: March 26, 2006

I have never caught a sauger in my life. Actually, I didn't even ever see the thing, dead or alive;) However, I am positive, there are probably many anglers out there who use hooks which are too big and lead that is too heavy for this picky creature. The fish will most likely drop a "three tone" weight;)

Ernest Plutko | Posted: December 18, 2002

I fish for saugers in Minnesota's Rainy River and Lake of the Woods usually through the ice. Saugers bite lightly compared to walleyes. I use frozen shiners on a gold Kahle hook. Use a 1/2 oz sliding sinker held about 4 inches above the hook with a split shot. Six lb fluorcarbon line works best for these keen-eyed fish. Use a sensitive carbon rod and quickly set the hook at the slightest tap or if you suddenly can't feel the weight. Sauger fillets taste even better than walleye fillets. Be sure to fillet off the rib bones for the best taste.