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Fish Identification - Rainbow Trout

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Rainbow Trout
Species Facts

Science Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss
Other Names: bow, redsides, red-band trout, silver trout, steelhead, kamloops
Ideal Temp: 55 to 70
World Record: 42 lbs. 2 ounces, Alaska
Environment: lake, stream, coastal
Techniques: Light tackle, light tackle fly

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jasonpenz7 | Posted: January 24, 2009

My favorite method, is to troll using a #8 bumble bee joe fly,

Art  | Posted: March 5, 2008

for streams i would use CP swinger. I have cought alot of big rainbow trout but for lakes i would use a dobber and 3 feet under that i would put a big worm. icought my biggest fish like that

Tyler | Posted: February 11, 2008

If fly fishing for rainbows in a mountain stream, gets slow, try a red, brown or pink San Juan Worm w/ splitshot about 7-9 inches above the fly(depending on depth and flow of water), and drift the fly on the bottom as close as you can to the holding fish. It has worked for me and it should work for you as well. Tight lines

ryan | Posted: January 12, 2008

if sunny fish worm and bubble float 2 meters from the edge of the water

BAM | Posted: October 20, 2007

A brass Jakes Spin-A-Lure works really good for rainbow and almost all other trout and kokanee salmon.

stephen labossiere | Posted: July 4, 2007

When ever i go fishing for rainbow's and browns i usually fly fish but lately ive been using these buzz bombs that you can get from Wal-Mart or any fishing store. They work great because when you cast they make noices in the water that attracts the fish. I fish the bow river and ive been catching big rainbows from 22-27 inches long!!!

shane | Posted: June 11, 2007

I fish at a pond that is stolked with rainbow trout, and I bring cheeseslice.It doesnt matter if your using a bobber or going on the bottom,ive cought 12 in a day on just slices. All you do is just roll it in a ball and put it on the hook. Ive used mozzarella,and cheddar. It works for me...lets hope it will work for you.

[email protected] | Posted: December 6, 2006

Go to Wal-Mart and buy a simple minnow trap put bread inside of it and put it in the water right over a nest of baby bluegill. After you capture the baby bluegill hook them behind the head and suspend them just off the bottom. Trout can't resist it. As far as I know nobody else does this and it works for me every time. Good Luck!

Craig | Posted: August 17, 2006

if you are fishing for brown and rainbow trout use a spinner bait or a small rapala cast under a current or in deep holes

[email protected] | Posted: August 16, 2006

when fishing in rivers for trout find a pocket of calm water right where the rushing and calm water converges thats a good fishing spot

Andreww | Posted: July 25, 2006

when fishing in lakes, cast a bit out of the dock using a floater and shrimp for bait. Great for catching ranibow trout.

Dale Owen | Posted: July 17, 2006

When trout fishing in a mountain river, use salmon eggs (great balls of fire are the best) and cast upstream and let it flow down stream. Whenever my dad and I do that, we'll catch 25 to 30 each. Do river fishing in the fall, (especially in Novemember when it's less then 40 degrees and in the morning) In the lakes, needle fish in the spring seems to work the best, at least in small lakes. Nothing more fun then trolling on a boat and catching a rainbow trout.

Justin | Posted: June 29, 2006

Rainbow trout can be picky at times in the day. i find that between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am works best. even then if you are using bait which I find is best and those fish aren't giving a nibble, try hooking the worm once, looks more natural. TRY IT! Might Work Does for me.

mysterwebber19@yahoo | Posted: June 21, 2006

Always use 4lb line so that you can feel the sensitivity of the bite. Then, use just enough weight to send a good cast, usually only less than a 1/4 oz. Oh and a #16 or #18 size hook. I've been using Fl. Orange Power Bait or Pink Power Eggs the past two weeks with a friend and the wife and we've caught 13 and 16 Rainbows in back to back weeks.

Basser | Posted: May 23, 2006

Use 6Lb line and theninsert a 1/4 Oz egg sinker in the line tie a swivel on the line after the sinker is in than tie 1-4 ft of line after the swivel and tie a #8 hook use green powerbait or yellow for best results.

hynezz | Posted: April 15, 2006

use a jighead and put a worm on it when fishing in streams or creeks

Trig | Posted: October 21, 2005

use a preagnet scud for spawning rainbows. To find these flies call 406-466-5202 and ask for Erik Evensen in Choteau, Montana. And try his new Seal Bugger.

Bowfisherman | Posted: July 6, 2005

Little cleos of up to 1/3 ounce are great for lake fishing; use a straight retrieve. Another preferred lure of mine is the luhr jensen krocodile spoon; both are good, but I prefer little cleos.

Walleye-man4life | Posted: April 17, 2005

When fishing in a river always use worms.usually people cut off half of the worm when they should be using whole. Rig it with any size sinker on bottom and hook up top.

goingtobe | Posted: November 16, 2004

Use Berkley orange power bait, rolled onto and hiding a small single hook with about 3 to 4 feet of line attached to a weight that is then attached to your regular fishing line. Cast out and let the line sit. Vary the leader length with water temperature, warmer the water , shorter the leader. Great for fishing in lakes.

Nicky | Posted: October 3, 2004

Use a silver spinner. Cast it out and leave for about a minute then bring in very slowly giving it a jerk to one side every now and again. That way the spinner will not be along the top of the water.

James Dudley (Gebo) | Posted: July 19, 2004

I have never caught a big trout on worms, they are always small.

James Gebo | Posted: July 15, 2004

In ponds where rainbow trout are stocked, use corn. In rivers, salmon eggs rigged with bullet sinkers, or chartreuse powerbait works the best.

fishnatic | Posted: May 13, 2004

Try chartruse power bait rolled like a torpedo. Then every 5 minutes, reel in 5-10 feet really slow. The power bait will move in a circle trout can't resist.

Evan | Posted: March 2, 2004

When the river is higher you want some bigger more realistic smellier baits, and an average weight and good spots to fish are when a split or river or creek flows in is a good spot to cast and let sit. When the river is average depth use a smaller lure, such as a glo bug or corckie with a teenie bit of yarn, or any smaller egg patterns and look for the spots above or below rapids in about walking speed water.

Musky Maniac | Posted: June 17, 2003

When ice fishing for these beautiful fish, use a medium size minnow, and lower the line till its about a foot off the bottom, in water about 7-15 feet deep, when casting for rainbows in the summer, either use sinkers or downriggers because they are gonna be down there. Try using large spoons and spinnerbaits, or large minnows. Good Fishing

Fishboy | Posted: April 3, 2003

Reel your roostertail right by the edge of a bush or shrub or any covering. This way the trout can't see you.

bob | Posted: November 14, 2002

Use rooster tails and cast downstream and real upstream.