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Fish Identification - Common Carp

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Common Carp
Species Facts

Science Name: Cyprinus carpio
Other Names: Carp, German carp, Mirror carp, Israeli carp
World Record: 82 lbs. 3 oz Romania
Environment: lakes
Techniques: medium tackle

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skadoosh | Posted: March 10, 2010

I use a Muzzy bowfishing arrow and a Fred Bear recurve. Stick 'em and hold on

supra_driven | Posted: August 12, 2009

In a slow moving creek in TX, i use whole kernel corn. I let it sink to the bottom and very slowly start reeling it in. I usually hook a carp this way about 8 of 10 tries. However, beware, you might end up with a catfish using this method as well. Either way, both of these fishes are fun.

caleb | Posted: July 30, 2009

I always use corn hook about 5 pieces on and cast near or on bottom and wait

Jeffrey | Posted: May 24, 2009

I fish for carp in slow-moving streams in northern TN....Ain't nothing better for bait than plain whole kernel corn from a can fished on the bottom....

Mitchel Hall | Posted: April 2, 2009

i just want to know how to enter my fish i caught an 84lb 11oz carp at my local park i weighed it measerd it took pics an released it like a real fisherman should with a carp there was no reason to keep the magnifacant fish i just want to claim my rightful title as state or world record holder as im deserved the fish was caught on 6lb test it was one an a half hour battle i think i deserve my name here not this guy

Fish Aholic | Posted: January 13, 2009

you gotta get down and dirty when you fish....and get the the BIG one!!!!Ya Dig

[email protected] | Posted: January 1, 2009

When fishing for common carp fish in a shallow lake or pond. I use bread/dough alot. Corn also works great. If your bobber fishing for them with the bait on the bottom allow the bobber to continously go under until it doesnt come back up. Carp suck the bait in 3 or 4 times before actually eating the bait. Be sure to bring a chair and a lunch and/or dinner when you go fishing. When fishing off shore you can use bells to tell when your getting a bight.

gobangbang | Posted: October 8, 2008

for carp i buy a bag of some cheap bread "hamburger or hot dog buns work best" tear off a some put it around your hook ball it up real good then twist your hook out and your good

[email protected] | Posted: September 5, 2008

I use oats, just take a little handful and hold it underwater. Pull it out form a ball and put it on a treble hook.. If anyone knows a good spot in northeast ohio drop me an email...

josh | Posted: June 18, 2008

Get some bran flake cereal put it in a blender to u have a powder, add grape soda till u get a doughlike feel. mold it over your hook and you WILL catch carp if there is carp

[email protected] | Posted: May 8, 2008

just use nightcrawlers

fabian | Posted: July 4, 2007

worm on a hook with a weight about one foot above works

[email protected] | Posted: June 23, 2007

Good ole fashioned corn has always been my favorite. I use a 8'6" med lite down rigging pole with a cheap daiwa reel (in case I'm not quick enough to grab it)14 lb. line with a dipsy swivel sinker and a # 6 swivel so theres less resistance for the light tappers and a # 6 hook. I've tried prepared baits with very little luck. Corn works best for me and I always carry a can in my tackle box just in case nothin else is biting. Happy fishing to all!

carpcatcha2007 | Posted: January 9, 2007

for reasonable size common or ghost carp use marshmellows that fat normal are best inbed the hook deep and keep the line deep.when you get the bite w8 for the carp to sink in the teeth(about 2 seconds)then deal with it like you normally wood .happy fishing:)

tabassam | Posted: July 23, 2006

hi, want to know which fragrance need to attract carp fish? or any special feed?

hvmiv | Posted: July 22, 2006

I use a tiny treble hook with corn and a bread ball to make it sink. Secure your pole to the dock, set the drag as loose as it will go, and wait for your reel to start screaming. Wait until he stops running your line and give him hell.

rlf1211@yahoo,com | Posted: June 11, 2006

I've been using 4 hamburger buns, 3 tbs. peanut butter, 2 tbs. minced garlic, and add a couple of teaspoons of vanilla, knead together in a plastic bag and use a little flour if needed for a great doughball. Works good around here anyway.

teddy | Posted: May 27, 2006

i was using a frog yesterday and it worked great. just make sure you have a big hook on the line

Rick | Posted: May 24, 2006

I've been fishing carp in the ramapo river for several years. The best bait hands down is sweet canned corn. my biggest is 18 lbs 6 oz. a good tip is to throw a whole lot of corn into the section you are fishing (chum) and wait a few minutes and throw your line where you threw the corn. The go crazy and eat everything they see including your corn. Thats when they take off with the line..

Achkata | Posted: May 5, 2006

I've been fishing for over 10 yeras now and I agree that canned sweet corn is the perfect bait for carp but occasionaly you can switch to white bread! Take the bread with you to the lake/river and soak it in the same water that you are about to fish in! My secret is vegetable salad oil-after the bread is more or less dry-add vegetable oil and let it stay for about 15 minutes-this always works for me-hope it will be useful to all of you too!!!

kyle | Posted: April 26, 2006

when fishing be sure to bring plyers band aids just in case a hook gets caught in your skin

eddcottonseed@yahoo | Posted: March 2, 2006

I've found the best way to catch carp either in ponds or lakes is to use a small single hook with canned corn on your line cast it out and let it sit on the bottom. If your not paying attention to your pole you're more than likely to lose your pole.

grassiegetter@yahoo. | Posted: January 4, 2006

Join the "Carp Anglers Group, CAG" you will get more information on everything about Carp than you could learn in 10 lifetimes. ~grassie

Robaldinho | Posted: December 27, 2005

Use a carp controller on your mainline followed by a swivel... use a hooklength of about 30-40cm leading to a size 8 or 6 hook with a bait band on the shank... bait to use, chum mixers, great for the surface, or bread crust, although you have to be fast

hunter | Posted: December 22, 2005

i was fishing the other day and there was no current so i threw the bait out weightless and the fish held on to it longer.

hunter | Posted: December 20, 2005

use nightcrawlers they always work. i took my friend fishing for the first time and he threw the worm out and on the wy down the 12.3 pound carp sucked it in and took off.

[email protected] | Posted: July 22, 2005

Bagels and rolls are the best bait for big carp in the Passaic river in New Jersey. Cinnamon raisin bagels are the best bagels to use. I've caught a few good size carp with them.

Kyle  | Posted: June 8, 2005

Tips for carp

  • 1. use canned corn (not creamed)
  • 2. used a big hook or a triple prong hook.
  • 3. Us a sinker so the stupid sunnys dont pick at it on the way down
  • 4. get ready for a fight and make sure your whole body is secure
  • Bill | Posted: April 7, 2005

    Wait until the carp come into spawn which is mid June early July in Pa, then break out your bow and shoot those suckers

    jessy james | Posted: January 29, 2005

    The largest carp i've ever caught was about 25 pounds, and caught on canned corn. I was fishing with my cousin one time, and a carp hit his rod. He had his bail closed, and the carp took his pole with it. He had to jump in, because his pole was skimming the bottom. I always have my bail open so they cant feel the tension. have fun fishing.

    [email protected] | Posted: January 29, 2005

    Use a sliding sinker, and put it on your line above a swivle. About a foot and half below a swivle, tie a hook and bait with corn. Find a warm shallow bay with a creek emptying into it, and cast her out. Works great. youll catch an occasional catfish too.

    vinny jeffreys | Posted: December 13, 2004

    I have been fishing for carp for over 10 years. my favorite bait is white bread. But i also use maize on a hair rig. You have to cook the maize or sook it in water and your fav flavers. My biggest carp I have ever caught was in TX 42lbs 8oz.

    Drayton Greer | Posted: October 27, 2004

    I am always trying out diferent carp bait recipes. One day I mixed together wheaties cereal, bread, shredded cheese, garlic salt, and vanilla flavoring. When I tried the bait I had the best carp fishing ever.

    Kevin Wolf  | Posted: June 28, 2004

    When the lakes warm, pinch dough bait (wonder bread) tightly over a medium hook. Cast with light line, maybe a slip sinker for added range, and let bait sit. Carp are wary, and will hover over the bait, once the suck it up and move, set your hook firmly after they have moved off with your bait several feet. Have fun!

    Musky Maniac | Posted: June 18, 2003

    If you are fishing off shore for carp, they can be as hard as hell to catch. They may not look like it, but they are smart fish, when they see you, they will not bite, if they detect, or feel the hook in your bait, they will not bite. Make sure you are out of sight! Also make sure your hook is embedded in your bait! When fishing for carp, make sure to use something sweet or oily that will get their taste buds kicking. Hope my advice is helpful. Good Fishing

    lLeClaire Bryan | Posted: June 17, 2003

    Just had to tell about my 15 lb carp I caught June 11, 2003 on little gold zebco 4 lb test line. Caught him in Lake Worth in Dougherty Co. off my dock. Took me 1 hour to land him. He bit the south end of a piece of cricket while I was bream fishing. I had a ball.

    dingo726 | Posted: November 22, 2002

    An old man showed me this trick to catch Carp, I was thinking he was crazy. Well after a night at the spillway at lake perry I was sold We caught 27 Carp that weighe 8 plus pounds the biggest was 17 pounds. He pulled out a box of Bran Flakes and poured a bunch into a bowl dipped it into the river water drained it and squished it to gether then he added some dry to make it into a sticky paste. Use a good sized treble hook and put a ball of the bran on it. MAKE SURE TO SECURE YOUR POLE. When they take it they are running we gave some to a GI at the river and the carp yanked the pole from his hands and took it down river.

    Eric Rendon | Posted: June 1, 2002

    Use chicken liver they love it in the guadalupe river.