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Fish Identification - Brown Bullhead

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Brown Bullhead
Species Facts

Science Name: Ameiurus nebulosus
Other Names: creek cat, mud cat, horned pout, red cat, speckled cat
Ideal Temp: 74 to 85
World Record: 6 lbs 1 ounce NY
Environment: river, lake
Techniques: Light tackle

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Pammiepi | Posted: June 14, 2012

Fun to catch, pretty good fighters. I catch a bunch of these (usually in the evening/night, sometimes in the morning) in our large fishing pond off of Black Creek (FL). I use either dough balls, cheese balls, blood bait, or the best bait I've found: chicken hotdogs, fishing off the bottom. I also occasionally catch them while bait fishing for Bass (esp. with worms). Fun with light tackle, watch those dorsal and pectoral spines though!

Jim Nixon | Posted: April 19, 2010

Using shrimp to catch Channel Cats I have caught a great many Bullhead, both Black & Brown

[email protected] | Posted: May 3, 2009

Catchin bullheads is simple! Get some cloth string(you can get it at your local tackle shop), get some chicken liver(you can get it at your local deli or grocery store)its bout a dollar for a good sized tub! tie the liver to your hook so its not seen an cast. With this you can catch any type of cat fish channel or wateva kind!! bullhead bit more at night there nocturnal but you can also catch them in the day!!

BassMaster031 | Posted: March 28, 2009

ok now myt ip for yall is to go down to a butcher and ask for there fats and such (suet as i no it) then put it in an onion sack. sink it down where you cast and tie it to a milk jug with a light in or on it and cast as close to it as you can and your guaranteed to catch some nice bullhead! Good Luck

JP Stanley | Posted: January 3, 2007

take a worm and cut in half then take one half and place on a red hook then put 3 1/8 ounce sinkers 4-8in above the hook and then slowly jig it on the bottom of the lake

Bryan | Posted: May 28, 2006

ok guys, this a a great way to catch bullhead and catfish. Take a few cups or dog or cat food and put in a bowl. Add 1 cup of water for every 2 cups of pet food, in the bowl also. Add salt, fish oil (you can use the juice from those trout eggs in the small nets in the glass jar), and small pieces of raw chicken, bacon, beef... mix together so it makes a goopy mixture. empty in a old bowl with a lid. let it stand out side for a few days. use a kinda small hook and tie a bunch of knots of string on it. dip the hook in the mixture and cover the hook and string. and a sinkr and cast about 15-20 feet away from shore. good luck

diburning@gmail,com | Posted: August 13, 2005

Another really good way to catch bullheads is to use a piece of hot dog that is about 1 inch long. It is very easy to catch that way.

Brandon | Posted: July 23, 2005

To catch Brown Bullheads in the Passaic river in New Jersey all you need is a little bit of bread on your hook and a couple of sinkers and then just cast out about twenty feet.If you do that you'll catch one in minutes. The best time to catch Bullheads is in the evening or at night.

ben | Posted: July 8, 2005

Yeah i agree you use a bobber and worm also...i dont know about the feather jig though...cast 20 feet from shore with bobber 20 inches from hook..just dangleing above bottom because they are bottom feeders....have fun

Joe | Posted: May 29, 2004

my fishing tip to you all would be a bobber and a worm/nightcrawler they work GREAT at least where I fish. You might even want to try light feathery jig. Colors may vary good luck fisherman.