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Fish Identification - Walleye

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Species Facts

Science Name: Stizostedion Vitreum
Other Names: walleyed pike, pickerel, jackfish, dore
Ideal Temp: 60 to 70
World Record: 25 lbs. Tn.
Environment: River and lakes
Techniques: Casting, live baiting

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bigmuny | Posted: January 22, 2009

Get yourself a cane pole a 10 pound test line, a red and white plastic bobber and a medium large night crawler..find a pier or a flat bottom john boat or just off the bank..set the cork to about 3 feet and depending on the time of day..preferably a fresh morning after a rain water temp about 65 to 75 degrees during or after spawning season..then cast that line about 10 feet out and watch that bobber go under and pull em' in til' ya can't pull no mo'....hopefully til you catch your limit, which in my case is "whatever"..

bill | Posted: November 13, 2007


unknown | Posted: August 29, 2006

for walleye use a lindy rig you use a walkersinker then a swiveytie 3ft of line and then use a floating jig with a leech my brother caught a 10-12 pounnd walleye off shore we live in saskatchewan

Danryan | Posted: August 13, 2004

When fishing a lake for walleye drift a boat past a point or area with structure and drop a yellow jighead with a minnow on it straight down let it hit bottom then reel up till its about a foot off the bottom and slowly raise and lower ur rod tip...when u get a strike set tyhe hook fast but not to hard.

James Gebo | Posted: July 15, 2004

Spring is the best time to go fishing for walleyes, because they spawn in spring. Gay flukes have worked the best for me. I also pulled a 4 pound walleye out of douglas Dam with a firetiger two piece crankbait. I am ten years old.

RICK | Posted: January 16, 2003

Minnesota walleye in boundary waters area. Troll a 4" gold rapala behind your canoe to cover areas quickly and locate fish. Once fish are located look for structure. Walleye orient to reefs, rock bars near drop-offs to ambush minnows. Use live bait over these areas.

Jules | Posted: July 30, 2002

When fishing in the lakes of New York, I've Found that Shartruce spinners with worms on are like cryptonite to walleye. Go out around dusk and you'll have a ball. In the day, if you own a downrigger just trawl in 50 ft. water and you'll probably get some Fish.