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Fish Identification - Smallmouth Buffalo

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Smallmouth Buffalo
Species Facts

Science Name: Ictiobus bubalus

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i hate | Posted: January 19, 2018


OPAAAAA METEU | Posted: January 19, 2018


opa | Posted: January 19, 2018


colton | Posted: February 10, 2009

i always catch them on crawdads, dead or alive it works pretty good. gets a lot of catfish too though. on roostertails ive had some luck, but nothing beats dropping meat or crawdad to the bottom and letting it sit.

perry | Posted: November 18, 2008

what bait you use to catch buffalo fish

Ferdinan | Posted: March 22, 2007

I just had a 97 pound 3 oz smallmouth buffalo rejected as a texas state record because I didn't have a witness that I caught it on rod and reel. But I caught it by using a 14.5 meter pole to drop a pop-up right on its nose very gently as one cruised by on the surface in the spring.

Ken | Posted: July 4, 2006

I just caught a decent sized drum off of a gambler lure. It is a knock off of the Chatter Bait.

Bill C ONLEY | Posted: September 25, 2002

Small Mouth Buffalo are mostly caught by gill net. I just caught a oklahoma state record. 42 pounds

Bobby | Posted: July 12, 2002

When fishing for smallmout buffalo it is necessary to get your bait to the bottom once there just let it sit and when your line starts to pull out set the hook. another tip is to use a small hook because of the their small mouth.