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Fish Identification - Splake

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Species Facts

Science Name: Salvelinus namaycush
Other Names: Wendigo

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sirosisofliver@gmail | Posted: January 18, 2007

fish them like you would speckles. my only experience is through the ice though. start on shore in an area where there's a gradual dropoff. run your lines from about 10 feet, out to 30 best if you have other folks fishin with ya. jigging with flashy spoons works too. stick to silvers and golds. williams wobler is my personal fave. for still lines, go with a simple hook and minnow. daise or shiners work best

Yvonne | Posted: June 16, 2006

We fish Fern Lake in May and June. The splake stay deep around the 35 ft. level. We put weights on to take our bait down to that depth.

Sam Rose | Posted: March 12, 2005

a small mustad hook tipped with a tail half of a minnow and a split shot eight inches above works well for splake.

[email protected] | Posted: January 27, 2005

Splake are bottom feeders in my area of northeastern minnesota......a piece of minnow, a piece of canned shrimp...4 inches off the bottom...35 degree water is optimum.....good luck

saltyswede | Posted: December 21, 2002

When fishing splake through shack or shelter, keep clear glass juice bottle full of minnows on the lake bottom...splake tend to chase schooling minnows and the little guys flashing around in the bottle helps attract the big ones your way!