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Fish Identification - White Perch

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White Perch
Species Facts

Science Name: Morone americana
Other Names: Perch, Silver Perch, Blue-Nose Perch, Grey Perch
Environment: Lakes and rivers
Range: East Coast, North of Georgia

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Duckpoint65 | Posted: July 18, 2011

White perch are easily caught using a marabou jig without additional baits. Wild times are found by following the schools as they move around constantly. Follow the gulls.

VOL FAN | Posted: March 12, 2009

Here is a tip for kids and people who are not really going after the big one but just want to have a little fun Fishing. Fish in 5 To 6 Feet of water Useing a size 6 to 8 hook With RED WORMS you should have great success GOOD LUCK

Matthew | Posted: July 19, 2008

latley fishing in my area is great! the best way to catch white perch and yellow perch is early in the summer when they go into 2-5ft deep water to spawn. later in the summer they m ove out to deep water to find food. if you have a depth finder on youre boat use it to look for a large sudden change in the water depth. happy fishing!

nick | Posted: June 5, 2008

buy a cast net from wal mart and use it to catch small shad put the shad on your hookand real slow

mike  | Posted: August 22, 2006

get meps black fury spinners and real very slowly

jeremy | Posted: April 15, 2006

fish in shady areas perch love them like under a a tree or a brige

srwilderw | Posted: February 7, 2006

Buy a 1/8 oz red headed , white grub body 21/2 inches long from walmart. Fish It really slow, try to hook the bottom.I like to cast it slowly at night under the lights of the piers in my local river in portsmouth va. To get you ahint how good this is , I have several fish fries a year at my Elks lodge. Good fishing

rory | Posted: September 11, 2005

these are the funniest trash fish to catch. they are especially easy to catch at night. they grow to good sizes and put up a good fight for a trash fish

Adam | Posted: August 27, 2005

Use Mepps Spinners in shallow waters along rocks or piers. caught a 15 inch perch in the south river along a area of rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

caleb hill | Posted: April 5, 2005

If ice fishign find a spot in about 30-45 feet of water and jig with a shiny lure I have caught over 30 perch in a 4 hour da while ice fishing off bell point on long lake (Harrison side)

kjm | Posted: June 18, 2003

On hot days use live minnows fished 6-10 inches off bottom on crappie rigs.