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Fish Identification - Goldeye

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Species Facts

Science Name: Hiodon alosoides
Other Names: Toothed herring, northern mooneye, Winnipeg goldeye, shad mooneye.

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Chris | Posted: March 19, 2007

What I have found when fishing for Goldeye is to find a dam, they seem to be the best from my experience. I put a size 6 hook on the end of the line with a couple small split-shot 6" above it. I then place a bobber about 18" above the hook. I kill them with

[email protected] | Posted: February 17, 2007

Use a grass hopper not to much bigger then an inch hook it weightless in behind the wings through it out when they are up shallow low light dawn or dusk Go out when you notice a hatch of little moths or insects mid summer awsome.

Craig | Posted: August 12, 2006

if your fishing for goldeye in the south saskatchewan river you should try using smelt as live bait hook the smelt then rig it with a bobber cast it out and wait thats how my friend caulght 8 goldeye in one day

Dan | Posted: June 28, 2004

There Very Easy To Catch And they get annoying after a while. They seem to bite on worms or minnows.

Brandon | Posted: July 17, 2003

Where I live goldeye are only found in rivers, so my tips are based on river fishing. Goldeye are a great fish to fish for and will take almost any lure if presented right. Since they are a smaller fish you usually want to size down your tackle. Spinners, spoons, crankbaits and jigs all work great for goldeye. Many fly fisherman enjoy catching these fish also as they are very willing to take a fly and put up excellent fights. Don't be surprised if they leep out of the water several times after you hook into one. I find that goldeye have a special weekness for worms. So just throw some worms onto a pickeral rig where you see some fish rising and you will probably land yourself some goldeye. So good luck and have a great time with these exciting little fish.