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Fish Identification - Lingcod

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Species Facts

Science Name: Pphiodon Elongatus
Other Names: cultus cod, blue cod, buffalo cod, green cod, ling; Finnish: vihersimppu; French: terpuga;
Environment: Bottom Fishing
Range: Southern California to Alaska

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Shyler | Posted: March 21, 2007

I've always found a 6inch single tail glow in the dark grub works really well for lings. I carry a flash light on me so you can make the jig really glow if you hold the light on it for about 30 second or so every few casts! Good Fishing

Dallas  | Posted: March 31, 2004

I've used hook and line but I prefer to spearfish for them.

Lings are highly predacious and will even staulk a scuba diver. I've seen it in 60 feet of water at sunset.

They like all depths of water and I have found some monsters in less than 3 feet of water. I usually find them in eel grass and rocky formations.

They like jig action. latex or squid. I have caught fish 12 inches long and just before pulling into the boat a Ling will come up and try to eat my hooked fish. If this happens don't pull em out of the water, they will stay on until you can get net under em. 2 for 1 and it's no lie when I say they get as big as my leg. Beware of the teeth!!

Lings eat rockfish, crabs, abalone, rocks, and just about anything else they can get their teeth onto. They don't put up much of a fight when reeled in. They do put up a fight when speared.

Good luck.