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Fish Identification - Weakfish

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Species Facts

Science Name: Cynoscion regalis
Other Names: gray trout, squeteague, common sea trout, summer trout, tide runner
Ideal Temp: 55 to 70
World Record: 19 lbs. 2 ounces, NY
Environment: coast
Techniques: ligth tackle, bottom fishing

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saltwaterking | Posted: February 18, 2007

use a #6 or larger sinker and a live bunker for best fishing fish at late night

Master Capt. James | Posted: June 6, 2005

Downrigging with a chum-net attached to the downrigger weight creates an incredible attractor as your lures or baits are presented. Umbrella rigs with white andyellow curly-tails with or without bait are doing the job right now. When action slows clams or squid added to these rigs turns the weakfish on again. Deep water from 48-80 feet produces more fish per unit time when the shallows start giving sporatic results. Flyfish in the shallows or use just the downrigger weight with chun-bag to bring weakfish up from the depths. White or chartruese herring imitaion bulky-tied flys retrieved at exactly the same speed as the current produce well. April-May and early June fish from the shallows out to the deep water. After the middle of June through August hit the weep waters with fresh sandworms and shrimp (saved from the winter Maine sales). The Fallbrings deep water runs back again-use the umbrella rigs with white curly-tail jigs soaked in bunker oil. Small plastic/rubber baitfish jigs and metal spoons fished at the same speed of the current bring immediate results. Add your slices of bunker or herring when the action gets slow.