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Fish Identification - Gray Snapper

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Gray Snapper
Species Facts

Science Name: Lutjanus griseus
Other Names: mangrove snapper
Ideal Temp: 70 to 80
World Record: 17 lb. Florida
Environment: inshore and reefs
Techniques: bottom fishing, medium tackle

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Ben | Posted: October 3, 2006

sit at the end of a dock and drop a live shrimp with a bobber, about a foot away, right in front of you, in the late evening or at night and just wait...... they'll grab it!

ELsnappy | Posted: August 8, 2002

I love to fish for Grays from shore. One tip I can give you involves the bait. Grays love movement and flash. Using a small pilchard or a silver jenny about the size of a 50 cent piece is the best. Always hook these baits in the nose because the gray snapper mostly strikes the head first. Grays can be caught in the shadows of bridges during the day. At night, they scatter and search for food in the shallows. Inshore Grays seem to be small to those off shore but I can tell you this much, they strike a bait with so much force that you'd swear you caught a jack crevalle. I just love these fish for the fight, taste and the challenge they can give to even the most seasoned fisherman/woman.